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Eternals Mid-Credit Scene Explained: Charming Royalty Entering the MCU

Eternals Mid-Credit Scene Explained: Charming Royalty Entering the MCU

Eternals polarized the internet with conflicting reviews and has been the talk of the town ever since. Although media trade outlets spoiling the Eternals mid-credit scene caused some excitement to be lost, the scene certainly didn’t disappoint. Throughout all the excitement, comes questions, which is why we present to you the Eternals Mid-Credit scene, explained.


The following article will contain spoilers for Eternals.

Eternals Mid-Credit Scene Explained

Our film concludes with a few of the surviving cast in Thena, Makkari, and Druig departing into space in search of more Eternals. The three are conversing in the Domo, concerned they haven’t found any other Eternals, with Arishem the Judge looming in their future. While their hopes are low, a beam of light shines through the Domo. Pip the Troll, voiced by Patton Oswalt, trots into the frame to give a glorious announcement. Brother of Thanos, the Great Adventurer Eros makes his way onto the Domo to greet his fellow Eternals.

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The not so best kept secret has been confirmed, as Harry Styles has graced our screens. Styles perfectly encapsulates the charm required to play Eros, AKA Starfox, as he immediately begins to flirt with Thena after his introduction. Upon the conclusion of his exchange, Eros offers his help to the Eternals. He suggests he knows where to find their friends, and reveals a surprise to the group. Starfox, like Sersi and Ajak previously, had a Golden Sphere to communicate with the Celestials.

Who is Eros?

Created by Jim Starlin in the 70s, Eros of Titan is among the strongest and most charming of the Eternals. Referred to by Pip as the “Prince of Titan”, Eros is depicted in Greek Mythology as the God of Love, and in the Marvel Universe, as the brother of Thanos. On top of his regular abilities as an Eternal, Starfox’s powers include the control over others’ emotions. As you can imagine, this has led to an incredibly problematic comic history. Usually carefree, Eros typically will only grow stern upon conflict with his older brother, Thanos.

What Does This Mean for the MCU?

Starfox and Pip the Troll both have connections to various crucial characters in Marvel lore. Among them, Adam Warlock and the Guardians of the Galaxy could bear immediate fruit in the MCU. While we can’t totally rule out the reintroduction of Thanos-related stories, the debut of a different Marvel Cosmic powerhouse feels inevitable. Starfox and more prominently Pip the Troll, both have connections to the Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics. With strong Celestial foes in their midst, it would make sense for our Marvel heroes to seek out the Silver Surfer.

What do you think of Harry Styles as Starfox? Do you think he could be leading us to the Silver Surfer? Is Galactus looming as an upcoming MCU villain?

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