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Eternals Movie Script Had Gilgamesh As Kingo’s Valet

Eternals Movie Script Had Gilgamesh As Kingos Valet

The Gilgamesh was originally planned to be Kingo’s valet in Marvel Studios‘ Eternals, according to screenwriters Kaz and Ryan Firpo.

Karun’s popularity seems to skyrocket throughout the opening weekend of Eternals. He plays Kingo’s valet driver in the film, and Kingo has gone on to become a well-known Bollywood actor. Karun follows along with the Eternals as they reassemble throughout the film, capturing as much as he can for Kingo, who wants to make a documentary about the eternal space squad. Gilgamesh, on the other hand, is the team’s heavy-hitter, tasked with defending Thena from her modern-day memory-loss sickness.

Interview With THR

Kingo and Gilgamesh – Eternals

Kaz and Ryan Firpo have now spoken about the Eternals writing process and the role of Kingo’s valet. The Firpos acknowledged in an interview with THR that they had very different ambitions for Gilgamesh and Karun. Check out the rest of their comments after the jump:

Kaz Firpo: We have to give huge credit to Patrick Burleigh [the screenwriter who came in after the Firpos] for that. We had a version of them, and Patrick went gangbusters with that. He’s another human surrogate you need on the journey. That [character] was someone we played with as the director of all his films. Once upon a time Gilgamesh [Don Lee] hung out with Kingo. They were working together. So there was a similar dynamic.

Ryan Firpo: When we had 12 characters, Gilgamash was not paired with Thena. He was Kingo’s valet, so he essentially was that character, but as Gilgamesh.

The Plot Could Have Suffered If Gilgamesh Was The Valet

Kingo And Karun – Eternals

Thena’s illness plot would have suffered if Gilgamesh had been the valet. Her memory loss is a major component of her character, and Gilgamesh remains by her side throughout the story, from the beginning to the end.

Eternals value Karun’s contribution to the plot. While he has no direct impact on the team’s aims, he does add a touch of humanity. Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harington, conveys a sense of this as well, demonstrating how human people are just as crucial to the Eternals’ story. The film spends a lot of time delving into the idea of gods coexisting with humans, and Karun’s involvement plays a big part in that.

Source – The Hollywood Reporter

Written by Prachee Mishra