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Eternals: Why Didn’t They Stop Infinity Ultron?

Eternals Why Didnt They Stop Infinity Ultron

Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved a feat that no other studio has ever done. The studio exclusively makes superhero movies and the world has expanded to OTT and now animation. The latest offering from the studio came with What If…?, a mix of comic trope and animation. This was on full display when the latest episode found Ultron capturing all the Infinity Stones and turn into Infinity Ultron. But the main question is why didn’t Eternals intervene and stop Ultron?

Eternals Trailer Has the Answer

Eternals: Why they didn't stop Infinity Ultron?
Infinity Ultron











Eternals trailer explains why they chose not to stop Ultron. They have been specifically instructed not to interfere in human conflicts unless deviants are involved. Also, they were instructed to do so by the Celestials themselves.

Since Celestials are similar to Gods, deviants are similar to demons. But Infinity Ultron is The Devil. He not only destroys human civilization but goes ahead and slaughters life all across the universe. This should have been reason enough for them to intervene and help everyone. But why they didn’t?

Why didn’t Eternals show up?

Eternals Poster
Marvel Eternals Poster











As far as the Eternals movie is concerned, it will be focused on their struggle with the Deviants. However, the answer to our question comes from the fact that Infinity Ultron was able to destroy Ego who was a Celestial. Therefore, it might not have been impossible for him to find other Celestials.

And if he did, we didn’t get to see it. This could have been an executive decision of the creators of What If…? to pick only bits that relate to the Infinity Saga. Hence, we only see a glance of the universe. Maybe there was a huge battle between Ultron and Eternals that we didn’t get to see.

Also, Eternals interference might have reduced the plot importance of Hawkeye and Black Widow including the slaughter.

Where were the Eternals?

Marvel Eternals











Only two possibilities: Either they died or are in hiding. However, they might eventually interfere. But we need to wait for how the storyline wraps in the final episode.

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Source: Quirkybyte

Written by Aditi Thosar