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Eternals: Worst Things Kro, The Deviant Dictator Has Ever Done

Eternals Worst Things Kro The Deviant Dictator Has Ever Done

Kro, the warlord, the dictator, and the deviants’ general has done some pretty nasty stuff in the Marvel Universe, including various crimes against humanity. However, his love and affection towards Thena have made him a reluctant ally of the Eternals throughout the years. Evidently, he has been rather closer to them than to his own kind.

Kro has nearly caused the end of the world and the reality several times, for that matter. He is said to be motivated by his bitterness resulting after his plans go against his wishes. Even if he didn’t always intend to commit such annihilations, his worst tendencies almost always led him towards evil. Now, in light of him getting the greenlight to be portrayed on the big screen, we have brought 5 of the worst acts the 1000 centuries old immortal-shapeshifter has committed.

1. Mind-controlled his love: When Thena became the leader of the Eternals, she was aware of the fact that she had freed Kro from eternal damnation. But unbeknownst to her, he had earlier slipped something called a “brain mine” to influence her actions from afar. Apparently, his undying love for her made him do this so she could finally be with him.

1. Mind-controlled his love Eternals: Worst Things Kro, The Deviant Dictator Has Ever Done

1. Mind-controlled his love Eternals: Worst Things Kro, The Deviant Dictator Has Ever Done
Kro’s love for Thena

2. Assumed the likeness of Hitler: Deviants and Eternals have been mistaken for god from time to time, and one can’t forget the time the Deviant dictator disguised himself as Pluto. Mercury, the cousin of Pluto, was sent by Zeus to stop Pluto from interfering with humans as he had assumed the identity of a dictator. He ruled over a nation called “Prussland” and was making humans fight as brutally as possible. The likeness of his dictator avatar was astonishingly similar to that of Hitler.

2. Assumed the likeness of Hitler
Kro became a Hitler-like dictator

3. After his plans for ending humanity failed in the 1940s, he unleashed some ghastly monsters on Earth in the ’50s. Combining Deviant mutants with some other creatures Kro controlled with “brain mines,” he allied with Communist saboteurs to destroy America. Of course, by no means does “America” means the Earth, but it seems to be a recurring theme in the MCU.

3. Unleashed giant monsters on Earth
Unleashing monsters

4. “Tried” to steal Mjolnir: Thor located Sersi, an Eternal, and decided to track down Kro. They invaded his secret lair, but Sersi ran off and abandoned Thor. Eventually Thor was outnumbered and he lost the fight. The mighty shapeshifter agreed to pardon Thor’s life if he would surrender Mjolnir. However, Thor defeated him eventually.

4. "Tried" to steal Mjolnir
Kro with Mjolnir

5. Buried Ikaris deep down the Ocean: When the Deviant attacked NYC as part of his plan to turn humans against the Celestials, Eternals thwarted his plans when they arrived. He knew that he didn’t have the resources to kill Ikaris, as Eternals are famous for their superpowers and the tenacity to live. He knew it would be difficult to kill him, so he decided that he could at least keep him out of the way for some time. So, he and his army loaded Ikaris into a torpedo and aimed it at the bottom of the Ocean.

5. Buried Ikaris deep down the Ocean
Buried Ikaris

Warlord Kro may not be as cruel and sadistic as the other Deviants, but that doesn’t make him relatively nice either. He couldn’t care less about humanity or the Eternals. What do you think about the things he has done to increase the pain and suffering of the world, Eternals, and the Avengers combined?

Written by FandomWire Staff

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