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Evan Peters: 17 Photos That Show His Evolution

Evan Peters 17 Photos That Show His Evolution 1

Evan Peters has become a household name by now. Starting at a very young age, we have witnessed his acting chops in many diverse films and TV series over the decades. Who can forget him in Kick-Ass or X-Men or as the infamous Ralph Bohner in WandaVision? He is a beloved member of American Horror Story, with seven characters and counting. You can also catch him in Mare of Easttown.

Evan Peters: 17 Photos That Show His Evolution
Evan Peters

Let us go through the profile of the popular actor, celebrating his rise through the years through his appearances in movies and TV –

1. Sleepover

Evan Peters: 17 Photos That Show His Evolution

Evan Peters plays the role of a nerdy skateboarder in this 2004 film.

2. Invasion

Evan Peters: 17 Photos That Show His Evolution

Peters played Jesse Varon in this short-lived supernatural series.

3. Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future

He cameoed as the know-it-all friend of Phil in this Disney series.

4. The Lazarus Effect

the lazarus effect donald glover evan peters
The Lazarus Effect

Peters plays Clay, a medical researcher in this supernatural horror film.

5. Never Back Down

Never Back Down

Here, Peters stars as Max Cooperman, the fighter who introduces the protagonist to the world of MMA.

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6. Monk


In one episode of this popular series, Peters plays Eric Tavala, a chess master integral to the case the detectives were working on.

7. Kick-Ass


He played the best friend of the protagonist in this superhero movie.

8. The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Peters plays a short role as the brother of one of the patients in the film.

9. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

Evan Peters had a guest appearance as Sam Walker’s friend in this popular series.

10. House M.D.

House M.D.

Peters stars as Oliver, a patient of the protagonist, Dr. House.

11. X-Men: Days of Future Past

X: Men Days of Future Past

In possibly his most popular role, Peters slips into the boots of a comic book mutant, Quicksilver.

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12. The Office

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The Office

He plays Michael Scott’s nephew in a few hilarious scenes.

13. American Animals

American Animals

Peters plays Warren Lipka, a rebellious student turned art thief in this heist film.

14. American Horror Story

Evan Peters: 17 Photos That Show His Evolution

Peters has had numerous roles across nine seasons of this anthology series.

15. X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse

Continuing his role as the mutant Quicksilver, we get to know more of the character through some nuanced acting by Peters.

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16. WandaVision

Evan Peters: 17 Photos That Show His Evolution

Peters took over the mantle of the MCU Pietro here, although it was revealed to be magic. His appearance had the entire fandom going gaga over theories like X-Men to MCU, Mephisto and so many more.

17. Mare of Easttown

Evan Peters: 17 Photos That Show His Evolution
Mare of Easttown

In this series, Peters plays the role of Detective Colin Zabel. The series also has Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce among others.


These were a few photos of Evan Peters showcasing his steady rise to where he is now. Do you have any more? Feel free to share them with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.

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