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Even Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson is Getting Jealous of Marvel’s Thor Chris Hemsworth: “My one ab never looks this chiseled”

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Dwayne Johnson’s time as DC’s lightning bolt-wielding Black Adam has made him a phenomenon in his own right. The star who has, well until now, been seated at the very top of the game has suddenly found himself face-to-face with a chasm filled with public outcries, production shunning, and unemployment, at least on the movie front.

The multimillion-dollar businessman has found the holiday season very welcoming for the profitability of Teremana and Project Rock merchandise, but elsewhere, Hollywood has been a difficult spot to navigate as the man with the golden touch has suddenly earned a reputation of taking advantage of a billion-dollar production house’s shifting hierarchies (there’s that word again!) and turning DC into a universe centered around Black Adam, at least for the foreseeable future.

Black Adam (2022)
Black Adam (2022)

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Dwayne Johnson Fanboys Over MCU Star Chris Hemsworth

The Black Adam star has been granted a business acumen like no other. Dwayne Johnson’s shrewd skills apply to the industry that runs on making people’s dreams come true on the screen. The industry of films, television, and reality shows churn on a well-oiled machine that’s run by viewership and critical response; and Johnson’s capabilities lie within this market and his capacity to ensure the supply and demand cycle always stays perfectly balanced. To simplify, The Rock has the power to deliver one-time-watch-worthy action flicks like Rampage and San Andreas and still ensure a crowd swarming at the box office with every single production release.

Dwayne Johnson
The Rock finds a fellow fitness enthusiast in Chris Hemsworth

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A movie star as attuned to the public’s demand as this suddenly finding himself without a big-budget production at hand has turned to the next best thing – promoting his businesses via social media, and keeping the fans entertained while at it. But alongside, The Rock has also ensured to keep up appearances everywhere, including on Marvel star, Chris Hemsworth’s social media page.


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Dwayne Johnson’s comment on Hemsworth’s reel reads: “My one ab never looks this chiseled under water. 😂👊🏾 Looking great brotha,” alluding to The Avengers actor’s chiseled physique which was put on display as a part of the latter’s recent initiative: Moves That Matter.

Chris Hemsworth’s “Moves That Matter” Initiative

Chris Hemsworth meditates underwater for Moves That Matter initiative
Chris Hemsworth meditates underwater for the Moves That Matter initiative

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The Marvel actor, Chris Hemsworth who currently finds himself without an MCU project at hand, is busy promoting his workout program, Centr. The actor launched the project as part of his health and fitness initiative and has now pledged to donate 1200 minutes in January to promote a healthy lifestyle. As a side-project of Centr, the Moves That Matter initiative was launched which witnessed Hemsworth spending time holding his breath underwater, training outdoors, and eating healthy.

All of it is, of course, tracked and posted online for his fans and fellow fitness enthusiasts. For now, Chris Hemsworth has covered a mammoth 200 overall minutes holding his breath underwater, which too has gained The Rock’s attention and managed to draw high praise from the former WWE champion himself.

Source: Instagram | Chris Hemsworth

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