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“Even if you don’t know how to chop… “: Florence Pugh Slyly Shades Kendall Jenner, Cooks Delicious Meal While Second Youngest KarJenner Struggles to Cut Cucumbers

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The Don’t Worry Darling star recently sat down with Vogue to make a simple dish that does much more than save time on elaborate garnishes. Florence Pugh’s garlic crostini manages to throw not-so-subtle shade on the KarJenner family’s fifth sibling, Kendall Jenner. As the two young internationally acclaimed celebrities find an early and fascinating rise to stardom, one conforms to the beauty standards that are requisite of the world’s highest-paid model while another steps her foot down on dietary restrictions impinged upon a movie star for looking a certain part.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh

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Florence Pugh Shows Off Her Cooking Skills For Vogue

In an interview with Vogue on 13th January, Florence Pugh managed to impress the viewers with her cooking skills (and her infectious laugh) as she baked her own version of garlic crostini – one that was more fun than messy. But getting her perfectly done nails ruined was the least of Pugh’s concerns as the actress flaunted her knife skills and chopped up tomatoes and garlic well enough to inform the audience that she has had extensive experience in the kitchen (considering her father’s professional chef).

Florence Pugh cooks a garlic crostini
Florence Pugh cooks a garlic crostini [via Vogue]
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It was during one of her speedy chopping sessions that Pugh managed to slide in a comment for those who are either too busy to prepare their own food or are inexperienced in the skilled handling of a knife. The Black Widow actress claims as she chops tomatoes,

“They don’t need to be neat or pretty at all. They’re all gonna go in a bowl. You’re all gonna smoosh them together, and they’re just gonna go on the top of bread anyway, so it’s not gonna be like anything fancy. Literally, even if you don’t know how to chop, just mush them in some way and get them all done.”

While the essential idea behind her recipe is to get messy – “because that’s where the best food comes from” – some might take it as an indirectly thrown shade at Kendall Jenner who went viral last year on KUWTK when she tried to cut a cucumber for her salad. After watching the ensuing struggle, people commented it was something equivalent to “almost dislocating her shoulder” [Brodie Lancaster] and the “most painful thing” they had ever seen.

The Dizzying Rise of Florence Pugh and Kendall Jenner

It was not so long ago that Florence Pugh’s performance in the unnervingly terrifying Midsommar gained widespread recognition across the industry and eventually the world, establishing her as a force to reckon with. But the 2019 film was not her debut in Hollywood. She first had her foot in the door with the 2016 feature, The Falling. Soon enough, her portrayal of a young bride and to-be Lady Macbeth in the eponymously named 2018 film would go on to steal the spotlight from contemporary rising artists and performers.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

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While Pugh was dropping successful blockbusters in a continuous sequence, Kendall Jenner simultaneously rose to stratospheric stardom alongside her KarJenner Family siblings, building her name and empire on top of the already infamous reputation curated by the American socialites’ reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In 2017, just as Florence Pugh entered the realm of the industry with The Falling, Kendall Jenner ousted Gisele Bündchen as the world’s highest-paid model, as per a report released by Forbes.

Source: Vogue

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