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Even Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves Could Not Save This $6 Million Disaster Movie That Only Earned $200,000 at Box Office

Even Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves Could Not Save This $6 Million Disaster Movie That Only Earned $200,000 at Box Office

Jason Momoa may be seeing a streak of massive movies on his list. Because of the various successful projects he had, the actor stands as a major celebrity in Hollywood. Not every idea that looks good on paper can properly be implemented. Whether it is the fault of the director, drama surrounding the cast, the actors involved, or issues otherwise. There can be problems within the script that just don’t sit well when acted out.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa and Suki Waterhouse in The Bad Batch

Don’t Worry Darling happened to go through all of the aforementioned factors. The drama concerning Olivia Wilde, the discourse between her and Florence Pugh, and more issues played into a somewhat rise in awareness about the movie. That was enough to attract a crowd surely. However, the script and the way it was directed did not seem good at all. It turned out to be underwhelming and fans did not much resonate with it. A similar instance took place in a Jason Momoa movie.

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Jason Momoa’s The Bad Batch Did Not Reach Expectations

Jason Momoa did a movie with Keanu Reeves and Suki Waterhouse called The Bad Batch. It was one of his first movies after the actor gained massive fame for his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. The film came just at the right time when the dystopian genre was getting more and more famous. Movies like Divergent and The Hunger Games were at their peak so it became ideal for another movie with a similar premise to also try its hand.

Watch The Bad Batch | Prime Video
Jason Momoa in The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch was a film that revolved around Waterhouse’s character being pushed into a land of cannibals where survival was the optimal goal. The trailer and the cast were attractive enough to create a murmur. However, what succeeded in the cast failed in performance. The movie ended up with a horrible critics’ review and while the audience review was still fairly better, it was not enough. The issues involved in the movie ended up making it a forgetful project for all three actors.

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Jason Momoa’s The Bad Batch Failed In The Box Office

The Bad Batch had a fairly decent budget of $6 Million. Ana Lily Amirpour had previously proven that having a low budget was not an issue for her to create a successful movie. So to see a bigger budget would not have been an issue. Jason Momoa’s movie proved otherwise. Various critics stated that what it had with a setting and a cast, it lacked in a script and a plot.

Trippy 'Bad Batch' with Keanu Reeves disappoints
Keanu Reeves in The Bad Batch

The movie ended up making only $200,000 globally which turned out to be a catastrophic loss. No great cast could have saved the flick with how poorly the script was done. Furthermore, the Aquaman star’s movie was said to be heavily self-absorbed, making it an easily forgetful project.

The Bad Batch is now streaming on Netflix.

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