Even Tom Holland’s Favorite Boxer Couldn’t Do What Ryan Garcia Did to Devin Haney Despite All Controversies

Ryan Garcia win against Devin Haney might not have gotten him the title but it sure gave him the satisfaction of putting a blemish on his opponent's career.

Even Tom Holland's Favorite Boxer Couldn't Do What Ryan Garcia Did to Devin Haney Despite All Controversies
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  • Devin Haney receives the first defeat of his professional career at the hands of Ryan Garcia.
  • Garcia managed to win the fight by majority decision after knocking Haney down three times.
  • Haney once got really personal with Tom Holland after the actor took Vasiliy Lomachenko’s side.
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Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia faced off at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for the WBC super lightweight title, and the latter emerged victorious thanks to the majority decision. Not only did he score three knockdowns against Devin Haney, but he also awarded him with the first defeat of his professional career. All in all, Ryan Garcia managed to do what Vasiliy Lomachenko couldn’t.

Ryan Garcia (via Ryan Garcia's Instagram)
Ryan Garcia (via Ryan Garcia’s Instagram)

While the Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Devin Haney match was close, the former ended up on the losers’ side, much to the confusion of fans and himself. Many people are of the belief that Vasiliy Lomachenko was robbed of the win. And now, it looks like Ryan Garcia was able to take revenge on Vasiliy Lomachenko’s behalf, as he defeated Devin Haney despite all the controversies.

Ryan Garcia Emerges Victorious Over Devin Haney

Devin Haney (via Devin Haney's Instagram)
Devin Haney (via Devin Haney’s Instagram)

On Saturday night, Ryan Garcia proved why he is not one to be messed around with. At Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Garcia scored three knockdowns during the fight and gave Devin Haney the first loss of his career. Dropping Haney in the 7th, 10th, and 11th rounds, Garcia was able to win by the majority decision. The official scores were 115-109, 114-110, and 112-112.


Despite winning by the majority decision, Garcia was unable to win the title, as he was unfortunately 3.2 lbs over the weight limit. Regardless, while he couldn’t take away the title from his opponent, he certainly managed to put a dent in his record.

Garcia dominated the later rounds of their bout, and the controversial boxer was able to land a nasty punch in the seventh round and came super close to winning the match by KO.


However, the fight was not free of controversy as fans are of the opinion that the referee deliberately gave Haney more time to recover. When the boxer went crashing into the ground during the seventh round, the referee gave Garcia a point deduction, which ended up giving Haney a few extra moments to recover.

Take a look at what fans had to say about this apparent move:



Despite everything, Garcia was able to emerge victorious, dampening Haney’s spirits. After all, having your winning streak break is always a bitter pill to swallow.

When Devin Haney Had A Nasty Comeback for Tom Holland

Tom Holland
Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Back in May 2023, Vasiliy Lomachenko and Haney faced off in the lightweight division, with the latter becoming the winner through a controversial unanimous decision. Later, during a press conference, Lomachenko voiced his disappointment, stating,

“Look, during all fight I controlled the fight and [during the] fight I understand I [was] winning this fight. So, for me, of course [the decision] was a big surprise and then when 12 rounds end I was sure I won this fight. But it is what it is.”

As it turned out, Tom Holland also had a similar point of view. Lomachenko is the actor’s favorite boxer, and it goes without saying that he was upset when he didn’t win against Haney, especially due to the controversial nature of the results.


During his appearance on the Jay Shetty Podcast, Holland stated,

“I think the general consensus is that he [Lomachenko] won, but it was given the other way. He is my favorite boxer, but [in] his most recent fight, he lost… It was a vote yeah, It went against him. So I wonder whether they’ll fight again… That’s the problem with boxing though, will they fight again?, because its tricky business, unlike the UFC where if they want to fight, they’ll fight, that’s what I love about it.”

After hearing Holland’s words, Haney quickly took to social media to deliver a nasty comeback involving the actor’s girlfriend, Zendaya.


Boxing matches and feuds get real personal sometimes, don’t they? Thankfully, Holland didn’t think it was necessary to hit Haney back with an equally devastating reply.


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