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Every Actor Other Than Charlie Cox Who Almost Played Daredevil

There are a number of actors who have played both Marvel and DC characters in films. Despite that, the opportunity to play two different Marvel characters on the big screen doesn’t come around very often. Chris Evans and Michael B Jordan are obviously the biggest exceptions since they both played the Human Torch before jumping across the MCU. But beyond them, there are few examples.

That doesn’t mean actors haven’t tried multiple times to be cast under Marvel’s banner, though. And as the perfect indication that perseverance pays off massively sometimes, they proved that near-misses (and even them just plain not wanting to do a comic book movie at a different point in their life) are no real impediment to anyone getting a chance with Marvel later on.

And in some cases, the roles we got are WAY better than the ones they could have been cast in. Today, let’s check who all got the offer to play Daredevil, but couldn’t make it.

Matt Damon Turned Down Daredevil

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

The Role He Got: Loki Actor

The Role He Almost Had…

Back before his great amigo Ben Affleck got the plum job of Matt Murdock in Daredevil and nearly demolished his profession simultaneously, Matt Damon was vigorously connected with the job. Damon uncovered to the Daily News that he and Affleck longed for playing Daredevil as children, yet Damon concedes himself that he “backed down”:

“…because I was unable to tell. I hadn’t seen the chief (Mark Steven Johnson’s) work and I didn’t have the foggiest idea. So I recently said, ‘no,’ Ben resembled, ‘I ‘need to make it happen.'”

All things considered, we got Matt Damon in one of the most incredible ever appearances in a Marvel film, on account of his chance as the Asgardian entertainer playing Loki in the phony Odin’s festival of himself in Thor: Ragnarok. All things considered, assuming that he’d improved Daredevil, we’d likely all have enthusiastically forfeited his later appearance.

Vin Diesel Came Close To Playing Daredevil

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

The Role He Got: Groot

The Role He Almost Had…

On the rear of his awesome, relaxed presentation, the Iron Giant broke hearts all over the planet. Vin Diesel was the most brilliant decision of all time for the loveable Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy. His flourishing voice simply works for those sorts of characters, obviously.

Yet, Diesel might have been in one more Marvel film altogether founded on one more before execution that appeared to paint him as the ideal up-and-comer. In 2000, Diesel played Riddick in Pitch Black. He was a screw-up with an upset past, a dream issue and godlike faculties (for his situation, finding in obscurity). When it came to projecting Daredevil three years after the fact, he was fervently tipped.

Written by Adhish Saxena