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Every Arrowverse Character That Can Win Squid Game Ranked

Every Arrowverse Character That Can Win Squid Game Ranked

Squid Games has given rise to a multitude of ideas and a variety of new characters. The Arrowverse villains and superheroes have their unique advantages and disadvantages. However, the game demands a sense of persistence, perspective, and patience. Would these Arrowverse characters be able to make it? If so, who is most likely to win? Here are our top 7 superheroes and villains we think will win, ranked :

7. Frost: Frost has a tendency to think outside the box. She is a villain turned anti-hero. Her confidence in her skills, even in sticky situations, makes her a formidable fidget. Nevertheless, she comes up with novel strategies and easily outsmarts her opponents.

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6. Alice: Alice is kind of unbeatable! She is bound to enjoy the organized mess Squid games are. She’d be an asset because of her team-oriented approach. She has also encountered lethal situations in the past, cheating death. So, betraying opponents for self-interest wouldn’t be an issue for her.

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5. Mia: Queen is a legacy, to say the least. She has been trained under the very best. Her rough childhood has equipped her with the necessary skills to win Squid games. She can see through secrecy and controversy, and the game wouldn’t phase her.

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4. Lex Luthor: Luthor is always a step ahead. He isn’t the best fighter, but he’s mentally agile. Lex can easily beat his opponents using manipulation and mind games. He would make multiple alliances and let everyone do the work without realizing it. This would get him to the finale, where he can use all his saved-up strength if need be!

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3. Anissa Pierce: She is the epitome of patience. Her metahuman ability to control herself in instigating situations will allow her to fight back wisely. She is observant, takes charge when needed, and is bound to outlast everyone there. She keeps to herself and doesn’t paint a target on her back.

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2. Mary Hamilton: Mary Hamilton’s almost superhuman ability to maintain her calm under pressure is baffling. She is compassionate and leads a tribe. Though she isn’t the best when it comes to physical confrontation, her strength lies in self-control. She can hide her emotions and mask how overwhelmed she is, saving herself from manipulation. This is all the edge she needs to stick around till the end.

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1. Oliver Queen: His survival skills are noteworthy. He has been through Squid Game-like stimulations before, in the form of his expeditions. He is powerful, can adapt quickly, and has sharp survival instincts. Oliver won’t shy away from anything gruesome when it comes to himself and could easily make it to the end.

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What other Arrowverse characters do you think might win?


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