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Every DC Universe Power Ring Other Than The Original 9 Of The Emotional Spectrum

The DC Universe Power Ring is one of the most complicated and most powerful weapons in the DC Universe. Little did you know there are more than just 9 of those.

Gold Lantern Power Ring

DC Comics Introducing Gold Lantern
Gold Lantern

The Gold Power Ring was recently revealed to exist in the DC Universe. In the Post rebirth era, the Legion of Superheroes had a superhero under their employment who went by the name of Kala Lour. Kala Lour was the Gold Lantern of that dimension. His power ring is powered by his indomitable will. Since he is blind, Kala Lour’s Power Ring definitely works differently than other rings. He is also well-versed in martial arts.


Alan Scott Green Lantern
Alan Scott

The original Green Lantern Alan Scott had a different power ring that did not function the same way as the Green Lantern Ring. Instead of being powered by the Green Lantern Central battery at Oa, the Starheart was powered by a mysterious lantern forged out of a meteorite. Alan Scott had to charge the ring every 24 hours and the ring used his willpower to forge constructs made out of pure energy. The only weakness Alan Scott’s Starheart had was it’s vulnerability against wood. The Guardians of the Universe, who forged the Green Lantern Corps, created the Starheart as a prototype weapon. the Green Lantern Ring is the more refined version.

Ultraviolet Ring

ultraviolet lanterns john stewart featured
Ultraviolet Corps

They are not technically rings. They are tattoos foged into the fingers of the wielder that channel the power of Umbrax, a living phantom galaxy. The Ultraviolet Corps were formed after the fall of the Source Wall. The wielders of the power need to be masters at self-hatred and negativity. The Ultraviolet spectrum taps into the invisible portion of the emotional spectrum, granting its users abilities like flight, aura generation, and energy constructs. It can also affect other people with the same amount of negativity and self-destructive tendencies.

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Phantom Power Ring

Phantom Lantern.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1
Frank Laminski

Unlike the other lantern rings that can only tap into one aspect of the emotional spectrum, the Phantom ring has access to all of them. When Volthoom conspired Frank Laminski into wearing the ring, he could access any part of the emotional spectrum based on what he was feeling at the time. Avarice, fear, love, compassion, hope, rage, and will are all accessible to the Phantom ring. It also has a unique oath that combines the oaths of all other Power Rings:

“In desperate day, in hopeless night… The Phantom Ring is our last light… We yearn for power, strength and might… I seize the ring, that is my right!”

Ring Of Volthoom

Green Lanterns 31 Featured Image

Volthoom was once a brilliant scientist who found a way to traverse the multiverse. When he encountered the Guardians of the Universe, he tricked them into forging a Power Ring that could tap into all aspects of the emotional spectrum. The ring also had a part of Volthoom’s soul infused into it, making the weapon inherently evil. The Ring of Volthoom draws energy from the wielder’s life force. It brings out the user’s worst fears to life and will kill them if the user does not find the courage in him or her to conquer them. The ring was once wielded by Jessica Cruz.

Anti-Oan Power Ring

Anti Oan Ring.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1

This ring was created just to make a mess for the Oan Power Ring wielders. Created by the Qwardians – enemies of Oa, 12 Anti-Oan Rings were forged and given to the Poglachis. They are a clown-like alien race. The 12 recipients of the rings considered them full members of the Green Lantern Corps, all part of the master-plan of the Qwardian Weaponeer. After Guy Gardner thwarted his plans, one of the Poglachian Lanterns – G’nort, was officially included as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


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