Every Evil Doctor Strange Marvel Has Already Introduced Before Multiverse Of Madness

The Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer has revealed an evil Doctor Strange to be the villain. Here is every major evil Doctor Strange from the comic books that came before the one in Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Carlo Strange

Carlo Strange

Doctor Strange made his official comic book debut in the year 1963 with Strange Tales #110. Before he debuted as the good doctor who saves the world from evil mages and entities, there already was a Doctor Strange variant in the comic books. And this one was as evil as they come. Doctor Carlo Strange came just before Marvel Comics introduced Doctor Stephen Strange. Carlo debuted in Tales Of Suspense #41. Doctor Carlo Strange was a deranged scientist who used magic as well as science in his fight against his arch-nemesis – Iron Man. He even went as far as to use a mind control device on his enemy.

Disciple Of Dormammu

What If #18

Dormammu is the one being Doctor Strange can never join forces with. Destined to fight each other, one tries to conquer the world the other is hell-bent on protecting. In the 2016 movie, Doctor Strange died a bunch of times just to prove a point and drive Dormammu away. In What If #18,a powerful Doctor Strange variant from a parallel timeline disregarded all his teachings and morals. He ended up allying himself with the Dark Lord. Strange first learns dark magic from Baron Mordo and then goes on to kill him. Strange learns more and more potent dark magic as the story progresses.

Zombie Strange

Zombie Strange

In the Marvel Zombies universe, the entire world fell prey to a viral zombie outbreak. All the heroes succumbed to the plague sooner or later. Doctor Strange, who was now a zombie, decided to use his knowledge of the mystic arts to satiate his hunger. He was part of the zombie heroes’ assault on Castle Doom in Latveria. Later he teamed up with the Kingpin and allowed him to take a gander at other alternate realities (where there was plentiful food to go by).

Fandomwire Video

Casey Kinmont

The Impostor

How would you feel like if you return to home and suddenly find a doppelganger having taken up your role? That is exactly what Doctor Strange encountered back in 2018. In Doctor Strange #6, Stephen returns from a long journey in outer space to see that an impostor has already taken up the role of the Sorcerer Supreme in the Sanctum Sanctorum. This body double turns out to be Casey Kinmont, a former pupil of Stephen’s who is now under the corrupting influence of Baron Mordo.

Cancerverse Strange


In the Cancerverse, Lady Death has been killed and no one ever dies. So life just grows unbound and unkempt like cancer. This universe’s fall is the doing of the Many Angled Ones, demonic entities that live within the dark space between realities and universes. The Many Angled Ones employ the Cancerverse Doctor Straneg as their mystic agent of chaos. He was part of the Defenders team, an evil Cancerverse superhero team that fought the Guardians of the Galaxy of the mainstream universe. This evil Doctor Strange was killed by Thanos.

Dormammu’s Apprentice

Marvel c Dormammu’s Lackey (Yet Again!!!)

And we see Doctor Strange within the clutches of Dormammu yet again. But this time, it is no variant. The mainstream universe’s Doctor Strange was forced into becoming Dormammu’s chief apprentice after the Dark Lord killed Eternity and altered the fabric of reality itself. Thankfully, the previous reality’s Doctor Strange came to this accursed timeline and fought his evil counterpart. Maybe this story is the inspiration for the evil Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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