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Every MCU Origin Story, Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a pop-culture phenomenon that has steadily expanded over the years. It has brought various collections of new heroes into the fold. As we know, all heroes or characters have to start their journey from somewhere. Many are already household names, and fans know everything about them. Some, however, are relatively new, and we know very little about their origin. Nonetheless, MCU origin stories have all kinds of stories, good and poor. Even though some are brilliantly written, some missed the mark. So let’s get into the list of every MCU origin story, ranked from best to worst.

With the help of the impeccable character arc, strong performance, and the right outlines, Iron Man is and will always remain the best. Robert Downey Jr. has done an exceptional job as Tony Stark. And above all, he has been the right example of a self-made man who didn’t receive his powers from a supernatural item. And this is why Iron Man has managed to rank one as an MCU origin story.

Every MCU origin story, ranked

After the death of T’Challa’s father, he claimed the throne. And then Black Panther only seemed to focus on the struggles of a King. Michael Jordon delivers an excellent performance as an antagonist. However, T’Challa’s remarkable abilities and his cultural background made him more interesting to explore.

Even though Shang-Chi is the most recent addition to the list of MCU superheroes, his origin story seems to be quite interesting. It’s a story of a superhero returning to his roots after being forced to abandon his home and identity. The character growth shown in the movie is stunning.

Every MCU origin story, ranked

Doctor Strange loves his job but loses his abilities due to severe injuries to his hands during a car accident. Later, in search of answers, he finds a new world. The characterization of Dr. Strange persists as a great MCU origin story.

The God Of Thunder’s origin story is one of the best MCU origin stories among all of them. Eventually, his character turns into someone who is far more heroic. Fans consider Thor as one of their favorites in the Marvel Universe.

Well, Spider-Man is the first character that comes to our minds while thinking about superheroes. The journey from Amazing Spider-Man to Spider-Man: Homecoming is truly memorable. The mystery of his two identities is handled well—the ultimate conclusion, Spider-Man: No Way Home, is going to be in theaters soon.

The origin story of the Guardian of The Galaxy group is a mix of drama and wit. They have been through thick and thin, and fans love to be a part of their journey.

Captain Marvel’s character development seems to lack elements as the first female superhero film of MCU.

Every MCU origin story, ranked

The character sketch of Captain America as the first Avenger isn’t compelling. After all, turning into a superhero from a skinny, weak person has to have a well-constructed story to build a heroic character.

Ant-Man’s origin story doesn’t quite have the proper insight like the others.

Every MCU origin story, ranked

Even though Hulk is one of the most entertaining characters of MCU, too many adaptations of this character in movies made it forgettable.

Black Widow is a bit late to depict her origin story. Fans have been waiting to see the story of the first female Avenger’s solo movie. But the timing of her origin story came too late to be a promising one.

Every MCU origin story, ranked

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