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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been at the top of the mountain of superhero movies for a long time. Ever since Stan Lee brought in the first Spiderman comic in 1962, he had the outlook of writing stories that were always interconnected. The first MCU movie that came out was Iron Man in 2008, followed by The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2. Almost a decade later, it seems obvious how the story web was created, but back then, it was not so. For example, when Iron Man came out, no one expected Robert to be the center of Marvel’s universe. When Thor and Captain America came out in 2011, fans were given a slight hint towards the future. But it wasn’t till Avengers that it became oblivious.

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Ever since fans realized that they required a deeper insight to understand the movies, hints were hidden deeper. At the same time, Marvel also suggested various side plots these films were building. No one knows why, but a few of these plots were put aside. It’s unfathomable what heights MCU would have scaled with these, but Marvel still abandoned these as the years rolled by. Let us know in the comments why you think these plots were abandoned.


Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle

Iron Man Avengers 4 Armors
Iron Man’s Demon In A Bottle

The Demon in a Bottle comic of 1979 had Tony Stark fuelled with alcohol and anxiety. It was often termed as the best storyline ever concerning Tony Stark. Marvel hinted at this alcoholism and anxiety issues of Tony at various stages of MCU. The first sign of alcohol addiction can be seen in the very first movie’s opening scene. Tony pours himself a glass of bourbon after successfully testing Jericho. This wasn’t the only time Marvel hinted at this. In the next movie, poisoned by the palladium core, Tony’s anxious self was seen in the opening shots. Fast forward to his birthday party, and fans witnessed a drunk Tony urinating in his suit. All this enticed the comic book fans to believe that the Demon in a Bottle plot was being built. But Marvel never took it any further than this. Except, only showing Tony having a drink once in a while.

Dr. Samuel Stern: The Leader

The Leader

Even though Louis Terrier film is being a part of the MCU continuity, yet, Marvel Studios might have recast Bruce Banner who was chosen from The Incredible Hulk‘s. In the 2008 film, the writers hinted at the origination of The Leader. The Leader is an alter-ego of Samuel Stern, which the comic book fans recognized at first glance. Stern, in the movie, was exposed to Hulk’s blood due to Emily Blonsky’s injection. Due to this, his head started to expand, making him look a lot like The Leader. Even after 11 years, fans are still in search of the answer regarding Stern appearance.


Nine Realms of Thor’s

thor 2 dark world nine realms
Thor’s Nine Realms

In the very first movie, the theory of Nine Realms was first mentioned. The realms are namely Asgard, Midgard, Nidavellir, Muspelheim, Alfheim, Niflheim, Svartalfheim, Jotunheim, and Svartalfheim. These realms have been visited and explored at least once over the years in MCU. All but Alfheim. This theory, as explained by Thor, consists of the world tree called Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the connecting point of all the Nine Realms of the cosmos. Thor explains this in detail to Jane, which hinted that this idea would be explored further in the coming movies. Sadly for the fans, the continuity of the theory never once emerged after the first Thor movie.

The disappearance of Lady Sif.

lady sif 1109143
Lady Sif’s Absence

Lady Sif was one of the center characters of Thor movies. She was Thor’s companion of all adventures. From the frost giants to Earth, Lady Sif never left Thor’s side. And hence, it was weird for fans not to see her after Thor: The Dark World. Fans of Agents of Shield might have witnessed her twice more on screen, but that was it. The Russo brothers did confirm that Lady Sif was one of the sufferers of the snap. But then, she should have been brought back by Hulk’s snap in Endgame. According to reports, Lady Sif was not a part of Thor Ragnarok due to her busy schedule. But she should have been there during the epic battle of Endgame. Whatever the reason may be, fans do miss Lady Sif and her witty remarks


The Sokovia Accords

The Sokovia Accords

Who here was utterly irritated when Tony signed the Sokovia Accords? Or were you on Tony’s side? Whatever side the fans would have been on, the Sokovia Accord was never mentioned after its introduction in Civil War. The Accords meant that there would now be a governing body over the Avengers. Tony’s conscience was rattled after he found out the Charlie Spencer was killed during the Battle of Sokovia. He then went on to support the idea of Sokovia Accords. But once the movie was over, the Accords were never mentioned again. Even the restrictions that were put on those who didn’t sign were seen missing. Even at Tony’s funeral, the topic of the accords was not brought up, though General Ross was present. Maybe he finally learned to respect the emotions and losses of others. Or perhaps, the MCU has given up the plot altogether.

Avengers: Damage Control

avengers damage control the void 3
The Existence Of Damage Control

Damage Control, in the comics, is a fictional construction company that specializes in restoring damages created due to conflicts between superheroes and villains. Their first work appearance was in the aftermath of Iron Man and Iron Monger’s fight in Iron man. They were also seen working after the Triskelion mess that occurred during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Their biggest work of art was seen in Spiderman: Homecoming. Where are they now, no one knows. Maybe Marvel scrapped the idea, or perhaps they are just working behind the curtains. Who knows!


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