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Every Time Netflix’s Baki Proved Training Can Make Anybody Superhuman

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The world of Baki Hanma is full of amazing warriors that have abilities that defy human comprehension. Yet the abilities are not fictional.

With proper training and an adequate amount of discipline, anybody can achieve what the fighters in the Universe of Baki Hanma have.

Ultimate Pinching Power

Sikorsky 2018 e e

Probably the most underrated Death Row inmate, Sikorsky was one of the only two fighters in the world that really got under Baki’s skin.

The only other warrior who managed to do that was Yujiro Hanma, Baki’s father, and the World’s Strongest Creature.

Sikorsky has exceedingly inhuman palm strength. He once scaled an almost smooth wall that was more than 100 meters high.

He himself weighs around 220 lbs. Sikrosky has found a way to become stronger by emphasizing on his greatest asset – his God-like Grip.

Sikorsky has developed a powerful pinching ability. Crumbling a coin into a ball is a minor feat for him.

Sikorsky can actually cling to the wall and stick to it like a Gecko with his superior punching power. He can probably pinch an iron door with his finger strength.

All Seeing Sense of Touch

hector doyle

Hector Doyle is another Death Row Inmate.

After suffering a devastating defeat, Doyle lost the ability to see. After losing his eyesight, Doyle focused on increasing his power of hearing.

After a while, he realized that there is another sense that Doyle could focus on if he let go of his sense of hearing.

Doyle uses his sense of touch to look and feel the world around him. He has trained his skin to such an extent that it could feel all the vibrations around Doyle.

Doyle has mastered the ability to perceive the world via vibrations. This gives him an advantage unlike any other fighter in the world of Baki Hanma.

Godly Relaxation

shaori relaxation

There is a myth regarding sports and combat. People believe that fighters and athletes tend to tense their muscles before an act.

But the ultimate goal of any sport is to let yourself relax. The art of relaxation is essential for the body to utilize all its energy reserves.

Unleashing your entire energy when your fist reaches the impact point is a hundred times more effective than tensing your muscles throughout the movement or action.

The Chinese Martial Artists have a name for it – Shaori, the art of Godly Relaxation. There are two forms of Shaori.

Defensive Shaori allows a person to take up inhuman amounts of blows and still not take any damage.

Offensive Shaori allows even a 146 year old frail man to deliver a punch that can wreck a thick concrete wall into pieces.

Calorie Healing

baki calorie healing 2

After being poisoned by Ryuukou Yanagi’s Poison Hand technique, Baki Hanma’s body had become a shell of his former self.

He had lost almost 95 percent of his muscle mass and his bones had become brittle. After fighting in the Great Raitai tournament with another Poison Hand specialist, Baki managed to cure himself.

But his body was still weak and tender. It needed time to regenerate its lost muscles. As a fighter, you believe in the power of manifestation.

The more you train, the more your body wants something you do. When Baki became weak, his body wanted revenge. It was never going to let anything get the better of it again.

Retsu ordered Baki to eat and consume a lot of carbs, proteins, and sugar. Baki’s body took it all in and instantly started regenerating. That was the power of intense manifestation at work.

Apnea Rush

Apnea rush anime e e

In a classic one on one fight, when an enemy attacks, the only window the other foe has for a counter-attack is when the enemy pauses to take a breather.

Spec, is a Death Row Convict who has an excellent circulatory and respiratory system that uses his amazing lung capacity to full effect.

Spec can hold his breath for more than 5 minutes underwater. His ability to inhale and conserve oxygen is breath-taking (no pun intended).

Apnea Rush is Spec’s ultimate attack. Spec inhales the maximum amount of air into his lungs and then unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks on the enemy.

Since Spec never lets go of his breath or pauses to inhale Oxygen, there is no room for a counterattack.

This attack has the power to melt bones and metal. An opponent will end up becoming a fried heap of flesh and meat after Spec is done.

Combat Hypnosis

dorian hypnosis

This is a high-level technique that was mastered by Kaioh Dorian, the only westerner that managed to master Chinese Kenpo and become a Sea King.

The ability of Combat Hypnosis can be used by Dorian to cast a vivid hallucination of a fight within the minds of the enemy.

The enemy will see an illusion where he is easily winning the fight. All Dorian needs to do is clap his hands and the technique will come into effect.

The technique does have some flaws. If the opponent believes that there is no way the fight is tilted so easily towards his or her favor, the illusion could be easily undone.

Nevertheless, it is a very powerful technique that takes years of practice to master and shows just how amazing Dorian’s understanding of human psychology is.

The Point Blank Punch

point blank punch retsu

There are two versions of the Point Blank Punch, both of them developed by Kaio Restu, one of the most well-known and strongest fighters of Chinese Kenpo.

The Point Blank punch is known as the Zero Inch Punch in the anime. The first version of the punch is called the Sunkei.

For an effective punch to happen, the arm and the fists need room for movement. The more distance it travels before it impacts, the harder is the punch.

A Zero Inch or a Point Blank Punch helps a fighter release the same amount of full power blows from little to no distance.

The Musunkei is the more refined version of Sunkei. While the Sunkei requires about 1 mm of distance, the Musunkei bridges even that gap, with literally 0 mm distance.

The power to deliver such blows at such point blank ranges is nigh superhuman. All of these punches are knockout punches.


Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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