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Every Time The Upcoming MCU Hero Moon Knight Joined The Avengers

Before becoming the famous street fighter of the Marvel Universe, Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, used to serve in the US Marine, following which he joined the CIA. It wasn’t until his mission in Egypt where his life was hanging by a thread, when an Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu, saved his life and bestowed him with powers. With his newfound moon-based powers, Marc returned to the US and started fighting crime as Moon Knight. Since his street fight days, Moon Knight has had the opportunity to battle against and alongside different versions of the Avengers. On one side, he has turned down Black Panther’s offer to join the team, but on the other, he did join different incarnations of the Avengers. And every time Moon Knight assembled with the Mightiest Heroes of Earth, he made sure that his legacy remained.

Secret Avengers

Moon Knight joined forces with Steve Rogers, aka Captain America to form the Secret Avengers in 2010. The team was founded after Norman Osborn’s reign over the Avengers and the Fifty-State Initiative had ended. Secret Avengers was a powerful team of some of the best superheroes and black-ops. Moon Knight had assisted the team in rescuing Richard Ryder aka Nova, from Mars and fought against the Secret Empire.

West Coast Avengers

In West Coast Avengers of 1987, Moon Knight didn’t just fight alongside the Avengers but saved their lives from the hands of Kang the Conqueror. The Avengers were once lost in Ancient Egypt when it was under the reign of Rama Tut, aka Kang. Sentenced to death by the evil emperor, the Avengers were awaiting their burial when Hawkeye managed to contact the Egyptian idol of Ancient God, Khonshu. On receiving the message from the deity in the present time, Moon Knight collaborated with Hank Pym and Firebird to rescue the Avengers.

Avengers Vs. X-Men

During a battle between two of the biggest teams of powerhouses in the Marvel Universe, the Avengers had to seek Moon Knight’s help to stop the X-Men. A war was brewing between the opposite teams when the Phoenix Force began to head towards Summer Hope’s body. The Avengers sent Falcon, Moon Knight and She-Hulk to Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, in an attempt to prevent a new generation of mutants from joining their foes. Marc’s multiple personalities, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley, managed to stall the mutants and made it harder for Rogue to concentrate. But in the end, the three Avengers couldn’t defeat the school full of mutants.

Written by Ipshita Barua