“Everyone drops to their knees”: Chris Hemsworth Not Sure if He Will Play Thor in Future MCU Movies

chris hemworth and thor

Chris Hemsworth doesn’t seem to be sure if he’ll reprise his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a potential Thor 5, or somewhere else. The MCU is placing a lot of emphasis on its future Avengers as the Multiverse Saga progresses. Thor is still one of the few surviving original Avengers, even though Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have left the MCU and made way for new heroes.

Hemsworth most recently appeared in Phase 4’s Thor: Love and Thunder, which had a text screen announcing Thor’s return at the conclusion. However, there may have been a worrying development about the Australian actor’s future with the MCU.

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What did Chris Hemsworth say about his future in MCU during his recent interview?

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Hemsworth isn’t definite about whether he’s finished portraying Thor, but he also doesn’t rule out a comeback, making it simply an unresolved possibility. In a recent interview with Total Film Magazine, Hemsworth discussed his experience working on Extraction 2. He mentioned that while he is not certain about returning as Thor, he would love to incorporate the new stunts he got to do in his recent film into a Marvel movie. While chatting with Total Film Magazine, Hemsworth said,

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“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m not exaggerating. At the end of a take, you’re sucking air like you never have before, and everyone drops to their knees. But it’s so much more rewarding. I would love to take this style and integrate it into a Marvel film, if I was ever to do another one.

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Will Thor ever return?

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the box office success of Thor: Love and Thunder opened the door for the Asgardian Avenger to return. Even the idea that Thor 5 will feature a conflict with Hercules was introduced in the Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits sequence.

Chris Hemsworth‘s remarks might suggest that the actor and Marvel Studios have not yet reached an agreement. Even though Hemsworth starred in a fourth Thor film, Marvel has moved away from the large six- and nine-picture commitments of the studio’s early years, so he may not be signed for any other projects.

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Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

Chris Hemsworth will next be seen in Extraction 2. The film will mark his return as Tyler Rake. While talking about his filming experience, Hemsworth said,

“I couldn’t get a stunt double to come in and do any of the oner, because it’s me all in-camera and there’s no hiding around the edits. So I had this physio on set who was named The Wizard. He would see me just sit there and start leaning in a different way. He’d grab me, pull me aside and quickly dig his hands into my back and my shoulder or whatever, and send me back out there. I’d get home and it would be straight into the ice bath, right into the sauna, and physio. A few anti-inflammatory tablets. And then back out there.”

Releasing on June 16 on Netflix, the upcoming  film’s synopsis reads “After barely surviving the events of the first movie, Rake is back as the Australian black ops mercenary, tasked with another deadly mission: rescuing the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from the prison where they are being held.”

Extraction 2 releases on June 16 on Netflix.

Source : Total Film Magazine




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