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“Everyone knows he used to be a stripper”: Emma Watson Couldn’t Handle Seeing Channing Tatum in a Thong in ‘This is the End’, Reportedly Walked Out of Set in Disgust

"Everyone knows he used to be a stripper": Emma Watson Couldn't Handle Seeing Channing Tatum in a Thong in 'This is the End', Reportedly Walked Out of Set in Disgust

Emma Watson has for so long been considered by the internet as the most beautiful woman in the world, and all the subreddits, fan websites, fan pages, and so on only go one to prove it. But just like any other normal human being, the 32-year-old actor has her limits, and it was crossed by another popular actor!

Having become not only a celebrity icon on the internet but as well as in the world through her venture into activism and efforts to promote women’s rights, Emma Watson seems like she can handle any type of problem on her own. But one such incident while filming a Seth Rogen movie turned things sour for her.

Emma Watson FandomWire
Emma Watson

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Emma Watson Reportedly Walked Out Of The Set Of This Is The End

Seth Rogen’s This Is the End was a memorable comedy movie that he wrote along with Evan Goldberg. It’s got almost everything you want in a big-budget comedy movie- a star-studded cast of well-known actors, an apocalyptic setting, and of course, tons of giggles and laughs.

Emma Watson FandomWire
This Is the End

But underneath all the work it took to complete the movie, there was one incident that occurred during its filming process which reportedly led to one of its stars, Emma Watson, storming out of the set.

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According to one of the extras who worked on the movie, the incident came about when the Harry Potter actress came to the set of the movie, and to her shock, she saw Channing Tatum wearing only a thong. She reacted in disgust, and apparently, stormed off the set of the movie.

The extra said-

“Emma knew he was going to be in a thong and everyone knows he used to be a stripper. So things were starting to get raunchy. Emma steps on set and looks at the scene and all of us in it and kind of has a freak out moment.”

“Before we started to film she stormed off set with her publicist and Seth was saying what happened what’s wrong with Emma? Then she came back and filmed about 3 minutes of the scene.”

Well, it’s surprising that she managed to do the scene, even after such a vulgar display by Tatum on his end.

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Seth Rogen Says Emma Watson Never ‘Stormed’ Off The Set Of This Is The End

After having made up to Emma Watson by apologizing about the Channing Tatum-with-a-thong-on incident after an interview with GQ, Seth Rogen sought to do more good back in 2021 by clearing up any misinformation about the whole situation.

Emma Watson FandomWire
Emma Watson and Seth Rogen

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In a follow-up post on Twitter, after what he said in the GQ interview, the 40-year-old clarified that Watson storming off the set never happened-

Will this be enough to save face for the Superbad star? We do not know, but the apology is already years later. Maybe Emma Watson never bothered about it anymore.

You can watch This Is the End on Netflix

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