“Everyone was cool until Emily just couldn’t stop herself…”: Duo of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Answering This Barbie Question Can Never Not be Funny

Ryan Gosling couldn't hold in his laugh when Emily Blunt started cracking up.

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt


  • Duos are a important part of Hollywood and Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt have very quickly become on the most iconic in them.
  • Despite played secondary characters in opposing films, Fall Guy helped bring them together as a pair.
  • During an interview for the film, they had one of their most iconic moments and Ken is to thank for it.
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Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt were a surprising duo. While they spent the summer of 2023 pitted against each other for Oppenheimer and Barbie, the pair starred in a film together immediately after. Fall Guy also got a lot of attention, being iconic in its own way, and the film started a lot of conversations.

Ryan Gosling in Fall Guy I Universal Pictures
Ryan Gosling in a still from Fall Guy I Universal Pictures

While there is no denying that the movie was incredible, there was another part of the movie and its promotion that fans focused on quite a lot; its press. There were several iconic interviews where Blunt and Gosling talked about their rival films and many where they were simply enjoying each other’s company.

However, one interview went viral, and many fans think Blunt is to blame for it.


Ken and Ryan Gosling—A Romance

Ryan Gosling has played many iconic characters in his career. He has starred in Oscar-winning films, been immortalized in the skin of a character, and become the icon that he is today. Despite his decades-long career, there is no denying that one of his most recent roles is what he will go down in history for; Ken in Margot Robbie’s Barbie.

Ryan Gosling received universal praise for his role as Ken in Barbie
Ryan Gosling as Ken in a still from Barbie I Warner Bros Pictures

The amount of dedication and effort he put into becoming the blond himbo can truly be studied in the years to come. It was as though the entire world started to see a completely different side of him, and he went from a critically acclaimed actor to a pop culture icon. It is safe to say that, with how much Ken has done for him, a part of the character will always follow Gosling.

During an interview with This Morning for Fall Guy, Gosling was asked a question along similar lines. However, the phrasing of the question was what made everyone in the room crack up.


Emily Blunt Couldn’t Stop Herself

During the interview, Ryan Gosling was asked if he believed that Ken would always be inside him. While it can be assumed that the actor did not miss the innuendo in the question, he tried to be unphased and answer the question.

Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy
Emily Blunt in a still from The Fall Guy I Universal Pictures

Had no one else pointed out the double meaning in the question, everyone could have continued on. However, Emily Blunt was unable to contain it and burst out laughing.

Everyone else in the room followed suit, laughing at the phrasing of the question and trying not to be unprofessional about it. At the same time, Gosling tried to answer the asked question, mentioning how the words ‘inside of him’ wouldn’t be how he would put it, personally.


“I like how everyone was cool until Emily just couldn’t stop herself from laughing.” mentioned that_weird_guy_rj on Instagram.

“He was trying to hold it together, but Emily laughing knocked his balance” added _the_social_outcast.

“emily just lost it LMAAAOOOO” said leoribeirop.

“That sigh was doing heavy lifting to keep the laugh down and Emily pulled the rug out from under him” stated abogado_toast.

“Blunt’s wheezing reaction is what killed me” mentioned matt_vib.

On a repost of the clip, many fans commented how Blunt’s cracking up led to everyone else not being able to contain their laughter. It is safe to say that this will be marked as one of the most iconic moments for both actors.


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