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Evotinction is an upcoming third-person stealth game, which features a blend of hacking mechanics and stealth gameplay. While the game does contain a handful of positive elements which do make it worth checking out to fans of stealth games, it sadly lacks the finesse of the games that very clearly inspired it.

Evotinction | Red Virus Story Trailer (THE MIX NEXT 2022)

During the game’s intro cutscene, it becomes clear that Evotinction is a budget title. Despite this however, I was fairly impressed with the game’s overall presentation during these opening moments. The game features an immersive visual design that does a great job of setting up the futuristic world that players are about to enter.


The environments are also pretty meticulously detailed, creating an atmosphere that complements the stealth-oriented gameplay. The environmental attention to detail contributes to the game’s aesthetic appeal and works to draw players into the narrative that is unfolding. Voice acting is also pretty string here. Although dialogue is fairly limited in Evotinction, the voice performances that are here are well-executed. This adds depth to the narrative and provides players with a sense of connection to the game’s world.

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In terms of graphical fidelity, Evotinction is fairly competent. The graphical style is sleek and visually intriguing, capturing the essence of a futuristic setting. The game’s look is a testament to the environmental artists’ work in creating an engaging and visually appealing world. This attention to detail extends to the environments, character models, and atmospheric effects, creating a visually cohesive experience.


One of the game’s standout features is its hacking mechanics. While the mechanics that Evotinction features may not feel like anything new to those who have played games like Watchdogs in the past, allowing players to manipulate the environment and enemies through hacking in combination with the stealth gameplay makes for some really fun moments. While fairly basic, the hacking mechanic works to add depth to the game’s stealth sequences, enabling players to strategize and approach challenges in creative ways.

The player character looks like something from Killzone, which is not a bad thing.
The player character looks like something from Killzone, which is not a bad thing.

An fairly intuitive upgrade tree is also featured in Evotinction, which allows players to tailor their character’s abilities to suit their preferred playstyle. The upgrade system encourages strategic thinking and rewards players for their choices, making character progression a satisfying aspect of the game.

Evotinction Has its Ups and Downs

Unfortunately, this is where things start to fall short for Evotinction. Gameplay-wise, the game’s biggest downfall is its combat mechanics, in that they are pretty much non-existent. If the player is seen by an enemy, a clunky and unsatisfying combat encounter ensues that only detracts from the engaging stealth gameplay that preceded it. This imbalance between stealth and combat hinders the overall flow of the game.


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These combat encounters almost always lead to the player’s death, which is another awkward affair. I am unsure if the death animation I saw was just a placeholder, with a more polished one possibly being added for the final release. However, as it stands currently, the janky and disjointed death animation felt and out of place and impacted the overall polish of the game.

My last complaint comes from the game’s themes and topics. I think it is pretty safe to assume that Evotinction was inspired by the Metal Gear Solid franchise, to the extent that they are both stealth games that tackle themes of espionage within a futuristic, dystopian environment. Say what you will about Hideo Kojima’s handling of such themes, at least MGS unabashedly leant into it and was able to offer some kind of commentary on it.

It doesn't matter what font it is stylised in, Evotinction is a very dumb title.
It doesn’t matter what font it is stylised in, Evotinction is a very dumb title.

Evotinction merely flirts with these ideas, before abruptly dropping them and moving on. Themes like the ethics of public surveillance and scientific experimentation are only ever tackled on a very surface level. Personally, I would have preferred the developers to go into these subjects with a bit more heft and commitment.

As Evotinction nears its release, I am personally holding out hope that the developers will address the handful of shortcomings addressed above and will deliver a well-rounded and satisfying experience for players. Despite a couple of flaws, Evotinction undoubtedly shows promise and potential, making it a title worth keeping an eye on for fans of stealth-oriented games.

A preview code for Evotinction was provided to FandomWire by Perp Games.


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