EXCLUSIVE: DC’s Future Plans For The Flash & Film Universe Revealed

The Flash DC

After this week’s headlines, all eyes are on Ezra Miller, his reps and Warner Brothers to figure out what his role will be as The Flash in the future of the DCEU. This past week a cell phone video went viral, where Miller seemed to be choking a fan, and throwing her to the ground. No statements of charges have come forward, but that hasn’t stopped many fans from making it trending this week with #EzraMillerIsOverParty.

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While Variety and other trades confirmed that an altercation happened, others wonder if the fight could have been staged. Whatever happened, many are waiting for more official statements.


One of The Flash’s previous co-directors, John Fancis Daley (Spider-Man: Far From Home) left the project over “creative differences”. So his tweet this week, repeating the line during Miller’s controversy made many fans assume he was throwing some shade at Miller, and implying his own difficulty of working with the actor.

Potential Minor The Flash Spoilers Ahead

Our sources have told us that no decision has been made yet by Warner Brothers, regarding Ezra Miller. But the fact is, the script for The Flash movie is done. We’re told DC’s new plans are well into motion, and will continue to move ahead quickly when they’re able to… with or without Ezra Miller in the suit.

The Flash DC

The real story here is how important The Flash is to Warner Brothers in officially resetting the Justice League in a new DCEU. FandomWire has exclusively spoken to sources involved with the film, to confirm that the events of the new film have Barry racing back through time to save his mother. However, when he comes back through the speed force after altering time, forever adjustments to the DCEU will be made.

While the Justice League is mentioned by name in the script, no other heroes are featured. And when Barry comes back through time, the Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League movies will be gone. Wonder Woman and Aquaman will remain cast as is, but Robert Pattinson’s The Batman will be one of a few new characters incorporated into this new resetted timeline.

The Batman

While it’s still up in the air whether Ezra Miller will return as The Flash, we do know Kiersey Clemons (Dope, Neighbors 2) is still up for Iris West, and Andy Muschietti (IT) is still on to direct the script by Christina Hodson (Bumblebee, Birds of Prey).

We’ve exclusively confirmed the two villains of this Flash movie are Reverse Flash and Mirror Master.

Reverse Flash and Mirror Master. The Flash DC
Mirror Master (Left) and Reverse Flash (center) in “Rogue War” vs Captain Cold.

While some reports were falsely claiming that Reverse Flash would be gender-swapped. We’ve learned this is not true. Casting is still under way for a male Reverse Flash, however Jessica Chastain is being courted to play the one-time villain, Sam Scudder aka: Mirror Master.

Jessica Chastain as Mirror Master in The Flash

Mirror Master is a reoccurring Flash foe from the comics, and has appeared three times in both The Flash TV series. In the comics, Mirror Master uses mirrors that produce fantastic effects such as hypnotism, invisibility, holograms, physical transformations, communications and traveling into other dimensions (or other parallel universes).


While its exciting to hear that Warner Brothers and DC are finally making a plan… FandomWire also hears that James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam will not really factor into this reset. And given how many Justice Society members we exclusively reported will be in Black Adam, it will be interesting to see all these superhero stories pan out.

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Written by Andy Signore