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EXCLUSIVE: Donna Troy Reportedly Returning To Titans

Donna Troy, otherwise known by her alter ego, Wonder Girl, the sidekick to none other than Wonder Woman, died in the second season of Titans. However, our sources claim that she is set to return in the third series.

She was electrocuted and killed stopping a transmission tower from collapsing onto civilians below, going out as a hero. Her body was then returned to Themyscira and so if her return is through flashbacks or something else, perhaps it will be tied to this mythical land.

Donna had given up the superhero lifestyle, instead opting to do other good deeds in her civilian persona. After being roped back in, her unfortunate demise seemed a fitting conclusion to her reluctant suiting up.

With her return, it would be interesting to see if Titans manage to introduce Wonder Woman herself, rather than simply hinting at the iconic superheroine. After all, they’ve managed to bring in Bruce Wayne as Batman and Deathstroke, something the Arrowverse couldn’t secure until Crisis on Infinite Earths with Kevin Conroy.

Her death somewhat outraged fans, particularly on Reddit, as many claimed her death was a waste. CNinja717 proclaimed, “It’s like if [Justice League] had to kill someone and they killed [Wonder Woman]. Like c’mon! This is the Titans version of [Wonder Woman]. You don’t kill [Wonder Woman].”

Superheroes and their supporting cast and rogue’s gallery tend to have a nasty habit of returning from the dead. Jason Todd popped back up as the Red Hood and few of Peter Parker’s dead friends or foes tend to stay that way, with Gwen being an anomaly.

As such, it wouldn’t be particularly far-fetched for Warner Bros. to bring back Wonder Girl but would it be the right move? Let us know in the comments below. Nonetheless, our source claims that she is returning in some manner.

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It could very well be a flashback, a funeral or a full resurrection that involves Themiscyra or something else entirely. Without confirmation or any further details, we can only speculate on how Conor Leslie will reprise her rule if these reports are true.

Do you want to see Wonder Girl return? What are your thoughts on Titans? Let us know in the comments below!

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