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EXCLUSIVE: Idris Elba ‘The Suicide Squad’ Role And Another Character Revealed

When Idris Elba was brought into the cast of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, fans assumed that he was replacing Will Smith’s Deadshot, but sources close to FandomWire have revealed that the actor behind Heimdal and Luther will actually be portraying ‘Vigilante’.

Our sources also revealed that The Suicide Squad has found itself a new character in ‘Knight’, who we found out shares a scene with Vigilante in the prison, as the two come across King Shalk sitting on a bench reading The Varieties of Religious Experience upside down. However, this will not be the only time they appear in the film.

Who is Vigilante?

Idris Elba’s character’s real name is Adrian Chase, a Manhattan District Attorney, and their primary goal is dismantling and toppling the city’s mafia and they have even teamed up with groups such as the ‘New Teen Titans’, which could be an interesting gateway into future crossovers.

He is not too dissimilar to Marvel’s Punisher, as his wife, son and daughter were killed by the Scarapelli mob family, hence his vendetta. But, unlike the Punisher, he underwent mystical training, and as such, he has some superhuman abilities such as regeneration.

Who is Knight?

Nobody has been cast as the Knight just yet, but the character’s real name is Cyril Sheldrake. Prior to becoming the Knight, he was known as ‘Squire’, but when his father, Percy Sheldrake, died, he took up the mantle and became the Earl of Wordenshire.

He is an English hero and a nobleman, and is even a part of the international group ‘Batman Incorporated’ and he tends to be viewed as England’s very own Batman, likely due to his status as a detective who is proficient in hand-to-hand combat. His armour is also not for show, as it has magical properties as they can repel projectiles and blades.

How these two ended up in prison in America alongside King Shark is unknown, but the two did and will likely end up in the Suicide Squad team.

Are you excited to see Knight and Vigilante? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!


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