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EXCLUSIVE: James D’Arcy Wants To Direct a Marvel Movie

EXCLUSIVE: James D'Arcy Wants To Direct a Marvel Movie

James D’Arcy has received a lot of love for his portrayal as Howard Stark’s loyal butler, Edwin Jarvis. D’Arcy first appeared as the character in the Agent Carter TV series.


D’Arcy also has the credit of being the only MCU character created for television to appear in the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. He appeared alongside John Slaterry’s version of Howard Stark in Avengers: Endgame.

James D'Arcy

However, as well as being an actor, D’Arcy is also a feature film director. His debut, Made in Italy, is set to hit some cinemas next week. While speaking to FandomWire to promote the film, D’Arcy also let slip he would totally take up the reins on an MCU project, if given the opportunity.

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He was posed with the question asking if he would return to the Marvel universe, in order to direct. After a pause, he responded cheerily:

“I mean, I’m not going to say no to that.”


D’Arcy has proven himself thoroughly adept behind the camera with Made in Italy. However, it’s unclear how he would handle the huge technical and CGI aspects of shooting a blockbuster.

James D'Arcy

It also remains a mystery which character D’Arcy himself would like to tell a story about. Although a feature length Jarvis and Peggy Carter film could be an opportunity to round off Season Two’s loose ends, it also doesn’t serve much of a purpose to expand the MCU.


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Perhaps D’Arcy would like the opportunity to introduce a new character into the MCU. His notorious wit and humor are evident in his screenplay for Made in Italy and it’s bound to be something he carries over to future projects.

Whilst speaking about directing again in the future, D’Arcy explained how he doesn’t want to remain set in one film genre:


“That would be a dream for me, to not be stuck in one genre. I just love the movies. If I can work in a number of different ways, that’s great. The bottom line is that you just wanna tell stories that touch people, or move people in some way. The only thing I would probably say is that I’m not going to do a horror movie, because they don’t really interest me.”

You can read FandomWire’s full interview with James D’Arcy here.


A synopsis reads:

A London artist and his estranged son try to mend their relationship as they work together to repair a dilapidated house in Italy.

Made in Italy is the directorial debut of James D’Arcy and is due to be released in the United States in Select Theaters, Drive-Ins, and Digital/VOD on 7th August 2020.


It stars Liam Neeson, Micheál Richardson, Valeria Bilello and Lindsay Duncan.

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