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EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Smith In Talks With Disney

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You probably know Kevin Smith from his filmmaking and television career, including the cult classics Mallrats, Clerks, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. In recent years, Smith has co hosted the Fatmen on Batman podcast with writer and journalist Marc Bernardin.

While at ACE Comic Con, FandomWire has learned that Smith has met with Disney for a potential project. The nature of this project is secret, but fans will supposedly be in for a treat! If we learn anything more, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Like anything in Hollywood, this project is not a done deal, but it could very well come to fruition.

It’s very possible that Smith will be taking on a Marvel or Star Wars project, or something else entirely. That’s all speculation as this point. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Kevin Smith is coming off a recent health scare, caused by a heart attack. Thankfully, he’s back and kicking, and it looks like he will have some interesting potential projects lined up.

Written by Collier Jennings

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