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EXCLUSIVE: Mysterio Reportedly Alive & Returning

FandomWire sources have claimed that Mysterio, who died in Far From Home, actually faked his death and will be returning in the future.

If true, he could be a member of the Sinister Six that Sony is working towards building for both their own solo outing and a future appearance in a Spider-Man movie.

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Jake Gyllenhaal played Mysterio in the second MCU Spider-Man film, donning the iconic fishbowl and delving into Spider-Verse inspired visuals.

This news follows the revelation that was confirmed in the Morbius trailer which is that Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters is actually connected to the MCU in some regard.

J. Jonah Jameson will be appearing in Morbius and there are references to Far From Home’s ending throughout the trailer along with the reveal that Michael Keaton is returning to play the Vulture. Tom Holland is also reportedly set to reprise his role as Peter Parker in Venom 2.

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It is unlikely that Mysterio will return in Spider-Man 3 as reports indicate that Kraven and Scorpion will be fighting the wallcrawler whose real identity is now on display for the entire world.

However, when the Sinister Six do appear in a future Spider-Man movie or their own solo outing, Mysterio being amongst the cast of villainous foes that Peter Parker has accumulated over the years would be a fitting time for his return.

There has been a plethora of Sony-related news in the past month, varying from the Morbius trailer to Tom Holland’s cameo in Venom 2 all the way through to a Silver & Black TV show being in development.

Sony appears to be kicking their Spider-Man sub-universe of the MCU into gear. All that is really missing are his two arguably most iconic foes – Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius. Perhaps the latter will be the catalyst that forms the Sinister Six in the films.

As for what would drive the Sinister Six, it could either be a desire for revenge on Stark, a shared motive, that could reel even Vulture back into the fray, or it could be against Peter Parker for getting them all arrested. Only time will tell.

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