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EXCLUSIVE: New Mutants LGBT Characters Revealed

EXCLUSIVE New Mutants LGBT Character Revealed

FandomWire’s sources have revealed that Blu Hunt’s character Moonstar will be dating Maisie Williams’ Wolfsbane in the upcoming New Mutants film.

Who is Moonstar?

For those that do not know, Moonstar is a Native American heroine whose abilities allow for her to conjure up images of people’s deepest fears. This ability eventually led to her being isolated from the community she grew up in as she had no control over her powers.

Her mutant abilities manifested when she hit puberty and the only people not afraid of her were her parents and her grandfather Black Eagle. He was also the chief and shaman of their village and he played a pivotal role in her life as he was the one that sent out a letter to Charles Xavier asking for him to guide and train her.

Who is Wolfsbane?

In New Mutants, Moonstar will be dating Wolfsbane, a Scottish heroine with a strict religious upbringing. Her mutant ability is lycanthropy which led to the religious locals demonising her, seeing her as a puppet of the devil.

She was chased by these fanatics across the country until eventually, Dr MacTaggert rescued her from the vindictive mob. He brought her to Charles Xavier in America for protection.

The two both have fairly similar pasts in the comics in that those who they lived with turned against them when their powers formed. Whilst this isn’t too unusual for mutant-kind, perhaps it will act as the catalyst that bonds them.

Our source also told us, prior to the announcement from the director on Instagram, that New Mutants’ latest trailer will be dropping on January 6, 2020.

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What do you think of this news? Are you excited to see Wolfsbane and Moonstar? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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