EXCLUSIVE: Silver & Black TV Show In Development

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FandomWire’s sources have revealed that Sony is turning its Silver & Black film into a television series.


Reportedly, Sony canceled the film but it looks as though the idea did not die as it is being brought back in the form of a show.

Gina Prince-Bythewood was set to direct the film with Lisa Joy, Chris Yost, Lindsey Beer, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet writing.


Whether the talent behind the now-canceled Silver & Black film will be working on the series is not yet known and no release date has been unveiled just yet.

There is also no current cast and so nobody has been brought on to play the titular roles of Silver Sable or Black Cat.

What else is Sony working on?

This news follows the debut of the Morbius trailer along with the reports that Tom Holland will be making a cameo in Venom 2, which our sources corroborated.


With Venom 2 and Morbius being in the MCU and with characters now open to move freely between Sony’s films and the main Spider-Man series, this could be their way of introducing Black Cat before she meets an adult Spidey down the line.

Sony also has Kraven and Madame Webb films in development and the former could even tie into the MCU already as we met Dimitri in Far From Home, who could very well be Chameleon.

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Sony is also moving forward with plans to develop a Sinister Six film as well as a Maximum Carnage event. There’s a lot in the works for Spider-Man’s own subsect of the MCU.

Felicia Hardy hasn’t had her debut on screen as Black Cat just yet, with an intended appearance in Spider-Man 4 and a cameo outside of her costume in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hopefully, she will finally make the leap to the big screen down the line.

Are you excited for Silver & Black? What do you want to see from Sony’s upcoming television show? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below!


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