EXCLUSIVE: Sony Working Towards Sinister Six Movie

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Our sources have revealed that Sony is working towards a Sinister Six movie as well as an appearance from the villainous team in a future Spider-Man film.


This isn’t the only big event that Sony is building up to as our sources have also said that Sony is also working towards bringing Maximum Carnage to life.

This comes following the reveal that Morbius is set within the MCU, featuring references to Far From Home’s ending whilst also bringing Michael Keaton’s Vulture back onto the big screen.


Sony had originally planned for a Sinister Six film in The Amazing Spider-Man universe which was heavily teased in the second film, but this fell flat when Garfield’s iteration was rebooted.

However, it seems as though the new deal struck with Disney will allow Sony to revive this project, albeit with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Currently, they have Vulture, Scorpion, Morbius, Venom, Chameleon (Dimitri in Far From Home) and Mysterio (if he faked his death). However, if Venom doesn’t fit into the line-up as he is more of an anti-hero, they could also use Shocker.


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At the end of the Morbius trailer, we see Jared Leto’s character and Adrian Toomes interacting. They have had post-credit scenes in trailers before, like in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and so it could be possible that the ending of Morbius hints to the Sinister Six in some form.

Whether or not there will be many references to the side of the MCU that isn’t Spider-Man related, i.e. the Decimation or Thanos’ attack, has yet to be seen, but it is clear that Sony is working within their own corner of Marvel Studios’ universe.


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