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EXCLUSIVE: New Uncharted Character Details Revealed

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in Sony's Uncharted movie
Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in Sony's Uncharted movie

Grab your climbing gear, notebook, and get ready to scout from ledge to ledge because our sources tell us that Sony Pictures is looking to bring in more characters for its action, adventure, and puzzle game movie adaptation on Uncharted starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

Based on the popular PlayStation and Naughty Dog series, the movie will star fan favorite Spider-Man actor Tom Holland as the film’s main protagonist: Nathan Drake. Many are worried he’s too young, to play the character based from the games but Sony is looking to take some liberties across the four part Nathan Drake saga, embracing a younger version of everyone’s favorite treasure hunter.

The production treatment we got our hands on labels him as:
An archaeologist and treasure hunter with “muscles, not the kind you get from the gym, but from dodging bullets.” His parents believed they were descendants of Sir Francis Drake, a famous archaeologist and discoverer of El Dorado, a belief that Drake doesn’t share. Regardless, his parent’s legacy gets him sucked into a race against a ruthless criminal to discover El Dorado.

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Is it just me, or does this sound very similar to the recent Tomb Raider reboot?

Actor Mark Wahlberg will be portraying a slightly younger take on Nathan’s closet friend and partner from the series: Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Other than that, no other actor or actress has joined this long-in development film.

A few characters will be joining Nathan and Sully along the way. Casting is underway a for fan favorite character Chloe Frazer, making her big screen debut. The movie describes her as being an impulsive and reckless adventurer, but also witty, devious, and fun seeking. At first she appears selfish, caring little for anything but her goal. However Chloe is later seen as a loyal and determined character. She is as skilled as Drake and Sullivan in gun battles and fights. Chloe Frazer made her video game debut in the series’ second outing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

The Uncharted film will also introduce audiences to a new villain named Johnson. Not seen in any of the games this character is described as being intimidating, tough with superior physical skills, and a charm that can mask a darker, menacing side. Other classic Uncharted characters that are expected to appear are Eddy Raja, Gabriel Roman, Cutter, and Atoq Navarro. Nathan’s parents are also expected to make some sort of appearance.

While a director hasn’t been chosen for this troubled production, Tom Holland has stated via IGN that filming will begin in four weeks. You can see his comments on the film below.

After many directors have left the project, Sony Pictures is hoping that Venom and Zombieland director Ruben Fleischier will helm the film.

Holland has also gone on the record to mention via IGN that the Uncharted movie will be “an origin story to the games”, which would help explain his age. Does this get you more excited? Share your thoughts on the upcoming film down below!

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