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EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros. Casting Mad Hatter’s Henchmen for ‘The Batman’

According to an exclusive report from FandomWire sources, Warner Bros. is currently looking to cast identical twin males between the ages of 21-40 who are ‘tough’ and ‘streetwise’ to play the Mad Hatter’s Henchmen.

The casting director is Cindy Tolan, the associate is Nicholas Petrovich and their assistant is Miranda Schumacher. The starting date is in January 2020 and they are looking in the UK. The casting is for The Batman

Who is the Mad Hatter?

His real name is Jervis Tetch, and he is a proud member of Batman’s rogue’s gallery in Gotham City, and he is known as the Mad Hatter due to his obsession with the character from Alice in Wonderland.

He is a genius with skills in electrical engineering but he, unfortunately, suffers from schizophrenia, often being depicted as trying to find his very own Alice to bring the book that he loves into reality. This obsession is something that often puts people in harm’s way, leading to Batman’s intervention.

The Mad Hatter’s henchman likely won’t play a large role, probably just appearing as muscle that helps him out rather than being fully-fleshed out characters that add much to the narrative, as they are often depicted in comics, games, animated films and TV.

Who should play the Mad Hatter and their henchmen in The Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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