EXCLUSIVE: Snyder Cut Is NOT Coming & Warner Bros Will Never Work with Zack Snyder Again

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After our article yesterday, we finally heard back from a source inside Warner Brothers regarding their true feelings about Zack Snyder, the state of the elusive “Snyder Cut”, and whether HBO Max will be secretly dropping the film this May.


The answer is… No. According to FandomWire’s exclusive sources, Warner Brothers and HBO Max will NOT be releasing Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut of Justice League. We know many fans of Snyder and his #SnyderArmy, will not believe us, no matter what we type… but the reality is, there not only won’t be a secret drop of the project on HBO Max, but we’ve also confirmed that cut is not finished.

While we support Snyder getting his original vision out there, the truth is, Warner Brothers is currently VERY unhappy with Zack Snyder. They are even more frustrated by his constant encouragement of fans who keep getting the Snyder Cut trending on Twitter. In fact, each time the film trends, it’s actually making the release less and less likely.


The lack of a finished Snyder Cut is an unspoken fact around Hollywood, that no one seems to want to go on record about. Even Studios other than Warner Brothers are beginning to take notice of Snyder’s constant pushing to vilify the studio, like they’re holding his finished cut for ransom. Warner Brothers is fed up with these antics by Snyder and how he’s using his fans to try and bully them into funding and releasing this cut of the film.

The fact is, Warner Brothers did take a meeting with Zack Snyder to discuss the project, but Snyder requested $20 million dollars and the permission to reshoot parts of the film, to which Warner said “No, way”. Talks ended there, and there are no plans to start them again.

In fact reps inside Warner Brothers are getting angrier and angrier at Zack Snyder for encouraging false stories on movie websites, that rally fans to think Snyder’s Cut of the film is finished. It’s not.

Zack teasing fans on Vero. A work print absolutely exists, but this version would need to be put through post-production.

We’ve confirmed this fact from other sources who were involved in the making of Justice League, who have verified that while a cut does exist, its merely a work-print, and still needs a lot of post-production and visual effects work. Right, or wrong, Warner Brothers doesn’t want to invest any more money into Snyder’s vision of the Superhero franchise, especially after being bullied online.

The situation has gotten so salty, one rep we heard from, told us that WB will never work with Snyder again. But the feeling is likely mutual, given Snyder’s push-out, and constant desire to rally his fans to keep fighting the studio for a Snyder Cut.

We heard Warner Brothers is so fed up with Snyder, they are planning to wipe his films continuity in their upcoming solo Flash movie. They genuinely hate the constant barrage of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut… But as annoying as the movement is to them, they merely label it “noise”, and refuse to give into to the fan’s demands, merely out of principle.

Zack teasing an early rending of Darkseid

Will we ever see a Snyder Cut of the film? According to current reps at WB… No. But that could change in time. Remember it took 26 years for Warner Brothers to officially release Richard Donner’s cut of Superman II.

The question for the studio has always been whether or not Zack Snyder’s cut of the film will truly please fans beyond his #SnyderArmy demanding it, and if its truly worth another $20 million+ investment. They do not believe it is.

What do you think of Zack’s continuous pushing? Do you believe in Snyder, no matter what is reported? Do you believe his cut would fix Justice League? Would you be okay seeing it released, but unfinished? Leave your comments below, or chat with us about it on Facebook.


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