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“Expect an announcement soon”: The Last of Us Season 2 Reportedly Greenlit By HBO After Overwhelming Positive Reaction

“Expect an announcement soon”: The Last of Us Season 2 Reportedly Greenlit By HBO After Overwhelming Positive Reaction

Although HBO hasn’t said anything about The Last of Us Season 2, fans are sure that they will get news about the renewal of the show soon. The post-apocalyptic drama was released on 15 January and has won over fans of the original game and new viewers just with two episodes released. While there are still seven more episodes to air, fans are certain that the studio would not think twice to renew the second-largest premiere on HBO.

The Last of Us creators explore the flour theory
The Last of Us

Seeing the response and its reviews, reports have already started claiming that fans can soon expect the announcement of season 2 of The Last of Us.

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Fans Can Expect HBO to Announce The Last of Us Season 2 Soon

HBO does not hesitate to renew its best-performing shows. And considering that House of the Dragon was renewed just after the release of its first episode, fans have high hopes for The Last of Us as well. The show currently has a 97% critic score and a 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Last of Us
HBO’s The Last of Us

With a 22% hike in its viewership from the premiere, The Last of Us has become the fastest-growing show from its premiere in HBO’s history. The first episode of the show has reached 18 million viewers. The HBO show has already broken several records with the release of just two episodes.

Considering its performance and the response the show is receiving, fans are expecting the studio to announce The Last of Us Season 2. The show has been doing pretty well for HBO to cancel the show. And given that the first season would not be able to cover two parts of the game, the studio would have to bring a second season.

Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin
Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann

The show’s creators, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have also expressed their desire to continue the show for more seasons. During an interview with Collider, the creators said that adapting the two parts of the game would take more than one season and that they want to give it a proper conclusion without getting overboard.

However, the studio has not said anything about The Last of Us Season 2 yet, but fans are loving the show and are expecting to get renewal news soon.

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The Last Of Us Season 2 Would Adopt The Second Game

The original game developed by Naughty Dog is available in two parts. According to several reports, the first season of The Last of Us will cover the first part of the game and part 2 would be adopted for the second season. The makers of the show, however, have said that they are not planning to stretch the show for multiple seasons.

Both Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have said that they have plenty of material to continue the show for multiple seasons. But they want to make sure that the show is not “seven seasons or six” seasons long.

The Last of Us FandomWire
The Last of Us

“I think every episode should deserve your eyeballs. I just want to make sure that if someone sits down to watch an episode, it’s awesome, every single time,” Craig Mazin said.

Druckmann has also said that they are willing to do “as many seasons as required” to conclude the story. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the show’s response has led many to believe that the studio might have already started planning The Last of Us Season 2, and would declare it soon as well.

The Last of Us is available to stream on HBO Max.

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