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Expendables 4 Casting News Has Fans Divided. Here’s Why

The Expendables are back, and this time they’ve recruited some new members for their mission. The third Expendables movie, starring Hollywood’s most popular action stars, premiered seven years ago in theaters. The franchise has faced criticism as well as applauses in the past. However, the films have also achieved Box office success.

The New and Old Cast:

Recently, Lionsgate announced that Megan Fox, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, and Tony Jaa would be joining the cast. In addition, Toll Road, Lee Christmas, Gunner Jensen, Barney Ross, and Lee Christmas will all be reprising their roles. Meanwhile, the franchise is getting some new blood.

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The idea of making another sequel has been discussed for years but never moved forward. Although the movie’s plot is still unknown, the previous series would revolve around action, adventure, and thriller genres.

This combination of news should stoke the appetites of fans of the series for more bloody action and battle scenes, but they seem to have some surprisingly mixed views about the movie’s upcoming release. 

The disclosure of Expendables 4 has conjured fused opinions.

The shock or surprise of the announcement has been either the changing cast set or the late arrival.

According to initial reports by Hollywood Reporter, Statham will be taking over for Stallone as the lead after this time around – including the female information, Fox.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of Megan Fox didn’t thrill several Twitter responders. @GublerSteinfeld said, “I thought she was done with big-name franchise films after Transformers and TMNT.” In the aftermath of her fight with Michael Bay on the “Transformers” franchise set, it seemed a surprising move that Fox would join yet another big-budget action series.


Twitter users also took issue with the age of the cast, which is typically 60 or older, or will be when the movie hits theaters. “I know a lot of straight men that are 60 years old are excited about this,” tweeted @Leo__Maximoff.  

Aside from all the controversies, the movie still is an awaited release and surprising thriller for many.

According to Lionsgate’s President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions, Jason Constantine, this sequel will be the biggest, most outrageous adventure yet.

In previous years, Couture said that the script for The Expendables 4 was great. However, it sounds like he will present his old version now in a different way. The film could have changed in many ways, but now seems like a good time to end the franchise. The Expendables 3 has been increasingly popular, and the films have been a viable callback for action sequels. As for now, “Expendables 4” has no release date.

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Written by FandomWire Staff