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Extraction 2 Gets A Release Date Window, New Details About The Expanding Netflix Universe Emerge


After the success of the first film released back in 2020 and the ending of the original, a sequel was less of an if and more of a when, and we seem to have some news regarding that fact/ The sequel to the successful Chris Hemsworth action-thriller is taking a little longer than expected, but we finally have a rough window for when we can expect it to hit our screens, via Netflix.

Scheduled for a tentative release next year, sometime in 2023, we can expect to see more of the quick-paced, mercenary with a heart action starring Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake. Returning to the director’s chair is Sam Hargrave, stunt coordinator from Avengers: Endgame, whilst the film is being written by Joe Russo, and produced by both the Russo Brothers.

Extraction 2, What Do We Know?

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction.

Filming started for the film back in November 2021 and finished earlier this year in May. Currently, in post-production, there’s surprisingly little known about the film, with only a small teaser trailer, a synopsis, and nothing more.

“After barely surviving his grievous wounds from his mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake is back, and his team is ready to take on their next mission. Tasked with extracting a family who is at the mercy of a Georgian gangster, Tyler infiltrates one of the world’s deadliest prisons in order to save them. But when the extraction gets hot, and the gangster dies in the heat of battle, his equally ruthless brother tracks down Rake and his team to Sydney, in order to get revenge.”

With any action film, fans will be expecting bigger set-pieces, more violence, and greater stakes, something the producing Russo Brothers have a history of with their directorial efforts in the MCU. The first Extraction filmed followed Hemsworth’s Rake as he went on a mission to save a drug lord’s kidnapped kid, unbothered by his own need to survive, it was a mission of nearly impossible success, and ended in a graphic and seemingly final way, with Rake falling from a bridge after completing his mission, taking several gunshots in the process.

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Of course, like any action film, Rake is shown to survive, and having saved the kid, he’s found himself another reason to survive and carry on. Whether this story will continue into the sequel, or be pushed to the side for another action-heavy thriller is yet to be seen, but either way, fans seem to be excited.

Extraction 2 And The Spin-Off(s)?

First Image of Extraction 2

Extraction 2 isn’t going to be the last foray into this new universe the Russo Brothers have created. They’ve mentioned their plans to expand the universe even more, with spin-offs and side projects surrounding Rake’s team and his adversaries. At present, the only news we have regarding this is that Lt. Colonel Saju, played by Randeep Hooda, is the only character the duo has a specific story or idea for.

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Not exactly breaking new ground, as throughout the years we’ve been treated to action movies getting spin-offs and television shows, the most recent being the upcoming John Wick spin-off Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas as a ‘no-holds-barred assassin’ in the same vein as the titular character from the movies, and another John Wick spin-off in The Continental, a prequel starring the eponymous hotel from the films.

Sam Hargraves (left) and Chris Hemsworth (right).

News will begin filtering through over the next few months, and a trailer probably won’t be far away, but with Hargraves’s action chops behind the camera, at the very least we can expect some decently shot action to gasp over.

Extraction is now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Screenrant

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