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The Case for Second Chances: Why Ezra Miller and Will Smith Deserve a Path to Redemption

ezra miller will smith

Do Ezra Miller and Will Smith deserve a second chance?

Cancel culture has become a prevalent practice in Hollywood in the last decade, and somehow it has unlocked a new fear amongst celebrities and influencers. One wrong move and you are canceled – usually by people who used to love and support you and your work. More often than not, celebrities disappear from the face of the media following threats and attacks hurled at them.

Ezra Miller and Will Smith Oscars
Will Smith, 94th Academy Awards

Over the past few months, famous stars like Ezra Miller and Will Smith have been the talk of every tabloid. The Flash actor has been the target of several media outlets for his improper behavior in public and for numerous allegations of abuse, burglary, and even kidnapping. Will Smith, on the other hand, became the content of every meme page after he slapped Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

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On Committing Crimes, Losing Career, And Seeking Help

Ezra Miller and Will Smith have done terrible things that have caused a public disturbance, and the situation is only made worse by the media propagating that they will never book any job again. It has been the oldest tale told by many generations, that being in the spotlight means you have to be ready to get judged, hated, or canceled. Why are we bringing these people down when we know, for a fact, that they need help?

Ezra Miller and Will Smith
Ezra Miller attends Vogue Fashion

Miller rose to fame because of his early projects such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower. He was open about being queer, and he has a style that many would not dare to try. The young actor has so much potential, and he proved to be a versatile talent when he joined the 2017 superhero action film Justice League as Barry Allen/The Flash.

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Fans Express Love And Support For Ezra Miller And Will Smith

Ezra Miller Will Smith The Flash Deadshot
Ezra Miller and Will Smith / The Flash (Justice League) and Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

The actor is currently going under treatment for his mental health issues. This is enough reason for the media and the people to stop tainting the actor’s image and making him look worse than his actual situation. Miller already apologized for the actions he has done, and he will be held accountable once he is in stable condition.

Ezra Miller’s fans showed their unwavering compassion online. Here are some of their tweets:

Smith has been in the entertainment industry longer than fans could remember. He has starred in so many movies and is one of the most sought-after talents in this era. The actor has already made a public apology, owned up to his mistake, and has been banned from attending the Academy Awards for the next ten years. On top of that, Smith has been struggling with his family issues, and the infamous joke certainly pushed his buttons.

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Will Smith’s fans expressed their love and sympathy for the actor. Check out their heartfelt messages:

Despite the ridicule Will Smith has received, many of his supporters claim they never canceled him. It all boils down to understanding that these actors are humans as well. They make mistakes, and they struggle with life and career just like any of us. Cancel culture has always been a toxic practice that robs people of the chance of redeeming themselves. The culture that we need to propagate is compassion and goodwill.

Ezra Miller and Will Smith are currently on the road to becoming better humans and holding themselves accountable. The former is already one step ahead to recovery after seeking professional help, while the latter has recently starred in a new film months after he took a break from the limelight.

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Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.