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Ezra Miller Rumoured to Be Blacklisted From DCEU After The Flash Movie

Amid Ezra Miller’s various scandals, the DCEU star’s career is said to be in risk after The Flash is finalized and released. After being hired as Barry Allen in the DCEU in October 2014, Miller was among the first actors to enter Warner Bros.’ movie universe. Despite the fact that the standalone feature was proposed over eight years ago, The Flash has been delayed several times due to development hell. Miller, on the other hand, has appeared in several DC films throughout the years, including roles in Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman. However, according to the most recent sources, post his 2023 film, Ezra Miller will most likely not be a member of WB’s future DC plans. Here are the details:

The controversies surrounding Ezra Miller:

An American actor, Ezra Miller.
An American actor, Ezra Miller.

Miller’s name has been tainted by controversy for a long time. The actor was recently arrested for disorderly behavior and assault while attending a karaoke bar in Hawaii. A pair on the same island has sought a restraining order against him after he allegedly promised to kill them both and robbed their house. Miller also had frequent outbursts while shooting for The Flash last year, according to an insider. In April 2020, footage of the celebrity strangling a fan in Iceland emerged. A female fan playfully started fighting with the actor and interrupted them. The actor retaliated by holding her by the neck and slamming her against a parked aisle truck. Ezra Miller made headlines previously this year after sharing a violent Instagram post mocking the Ku Klux Klan’s North Carolina chapter. He told its members that if they didn’t kill themselves with their own firearms, he would.

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Warner Bros’s response to the scandals:

WB Discovery CEO, David Zaslav speaks about Ezra Miller situation.
WB Discovery CEO, David Zaslav.

Due to the obvious escalating headlines of Miller’s events, The Flash is becoming Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s first cinematic disaster. Zaslav has stated his intention to expand the DC Universe to sky heights, and The Flash has all the components for a strong start, such as the comeback of Michael Keaton as Batman, a return by Ben Affleck, a $200 million production, and Andy Muschietti in the form of the greatest filmmaker. However, it looks that Zaslav will now have to decide how to proceed, as well as what to do about a talented artist who clearly has some significant off-set issues. According to Deadline, the studio has attempted to assist Miller, but the negative reports just continue to stack up. “There is no winning in this for Warner Bros,” one studio source reveals. “This is an inherited problem for Zaslav. The hope is that the scandal will remain at a low level before the movie is released, and hope for the best to turn out”.

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The Future of Ezra Miller after Flash:

Ezra Miller in the Flash.
Ezra Miller in the Flash.

In addition to all of these things, Miller was recently charged with grooming and inciting harm to a young woman, now 18, since she was 12 years old. Warner Bros. has yet to say anything about the matter, and according to a recent story from Deadline, the studio is in a lose-lose scenario. Although it’s questionable if the production could perhaps replace Miller at this point in the campaign, we’ve heard that Miller is simply not in the WB DC universe’s long-term plans. This decision is said to be taken, regardless of the fact whether there will be any more allegations against him or not.

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