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Ezra Miller Breaks Silence on The Flash Movie After WB Execs Want Troubled Actor to Remain in DCU


Ezra Miller starrer The Flash is the upcoming superhero movie which is expected to be the 13th installment in DCEU, produced and distributed by Warner Bros. The We Need to Talk About Kevin actor was previously seen playing the role of Flash in Justice League, the fan appreciated Miller for his power-packed performance. The buzz around the upcoming films seems to be pretty hyped ever since the revelation of the fact that Ezra Miller will be seen performing two Barry Allen roles.

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the flash ezra miller
Ezra Miller as The Flash

Ezra Miller Performing Two Barry Allen(s) aka Flash

Ezra Miller has made headlines for numerous reasons in the past including the actor’s preferred pronouns, public scandals & controversies, and complex mental health issues. The non-binary star made headlines once again, but this time for their upcoming most-awaited movie for the DC fans – The FlashThe Perks of Being a Wallflower actor who will soon be performing the dual roles of Barry Allen’s aka Flash. The other Barry Allen will be from other multiverses co-existing in the same timeline.

Fans are excited to see Miller performing both as a hero and villain, Many believe that it is a golden opportunity for the Afterschool star to show their versatility and capability as an actor. As the actor’s controversies and scandals pile up the actor may struggle to get new roles in the coming time, amid all this the upcoming movie may prove to be a lifesaver for an actor’s professional career.

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Ezra Miller starrer The Flash all set to release in 2023
Ezra Miller playing roles of two Flash

Ezra Miller reveals the making of The Flash

Miller in an interview shared their thought process and feelings on the making of The Flash. The actor got candid to talk about their perspective of shooting two characters as Barry Allen and how it all gets wonky. The actor admitted that the upcoming movie covers a major arc of Flash’s storyline.

“There’s another ‘him,’ who is co-existing in this timeline and it’s all gone wonky. Yes, it constitutes, I think, a very large and powerful arc. I think this is a story that precipitates a lot of change for Barry Allen in more ways than one. And I think it carries him from being sort of the person who we met in the Justice League films. It takes him from that place of a young person, who’s come into his powers, but doesn’t quite know how to manifest them, who’s joined a legion of superheroes but doesn’t quite know his place in the context of it. And it takes him from there to really in my mind, being Barry Allen, being the Flash. I think in some ways, it’s an origin story and a coming into his own story, so it’s a big one, big arc for Barry, parentheses, forward slash, ‘S,’ end parentheses.”

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Fans Blast Ezra Miller's The Flash Movie as Official Merchandise Shows Michael Keaton's Batplane from Batman 1989
Ezra Miller as Flash and Michael Keaton as Batman

The upcoming movie will be revolving around the story of a superhero who time travels to save his mother’s life. Flash might be accompanied by two versions of Batman: Michael Keaton’s version and Ben Affleck‘s version. Sasha Calle will be making her big debut as Supergirl in the upcoming movie. The Flash is surely one of the most awaited movies of the year 2023. The movie is all set to release on June 6, 2023. Though the movie looks promising enough to save the DC Universe, its true success will only be revealed after its release.

Source: DC FanDome 2021

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