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“Ezra Miller committed way more crimes”: Infuriated Fans Call Out Jonathan Majors Being Slowly Sealed Out of Marvel While Miller’s The Flash Movie Still on Track

jonathan majors and ezra miller

Being a celebrity comes with its baggage. While the fame is unprecedented, there is also a flip side to the adulation that stars receive. While some can handle their lives and maintain their reputations in the harsh realities of the public glare, others crumble due to their follies that become fodder for extensive criticism. Two stars who have hit the downward slope recently are Ezra Miller and Jonathan Majors.

Ezra Miller
The Flash actor Ezra Miller

Miller was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment after an incident at a bar in Hawaii where they allegedly yelled obscenities at a woman and attacked a man. Majors on the other hand was charged with domestic assault and violence against his rumored girlfriend. Both actors were subsequently released but their reputations undeniably took a beating. But significant discussions that are happening now on social media involve the fate of Miller and Majors and their future with their respective franchises.

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Netizens Call Out Preferential Treatment Towards Ezra Miller

Both Ezra Miller and Jonathan Majors have hit a roadblock in their career with their personal life taking precedence over their work. While both stars have been called up for their questionable actions, fans are now challenging the aftermath of these decisions and how it has affected their careers. While DC has allegedly given Ezra Miller a long rope despite their wrongful behavior, Jonathan Majors is at the risk of possibly losing his Marvel gig as Kang for the future. Fans have called out this preferential treatment in no uncertain terms on social media.

Jonathan Majors’ future in the MCU could be in jeopardy

While Miller’s The Flash is slated for a summer release, there is no official confirmation from Marvel that Jonathan Majors would indeed be dropped from playing the role of Kang in the future MCU films. It remains to be seen if the star’s recent problems with the law will affect his Marvel career.

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Ezra Miller and Jonathan Majors Have a History Of Controversies

With the ongoing debate about Jonathan Majors’ future at the MCU in comparison with that of Ezra Miller at DC, the question that is being discussed on social media is about which star’s crime was more serious. But the two celebrities are known to have courted trouble many times in the past as well. From drug possession in 2011, a choking incident with a woman in a bar in 2020 to their latest assault encounter in 2022, Ezra Miller has always flirted with the law on multiple occasions.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller in The Flash

Jonathan Majors too is no stranger to controversy. His arrest this year on charges of domestic assault opened a pandora’s box of complaints from the actor’s past. Several directors and actors who attended Yale University along with Majors started commenting on his pattern of sociopathic and abusive behavior. One of them was actor Tim Nicolai who took to social media and revealed that people in the NYC and Yale communities are well aware of Majors’ infamous demeanor.

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