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Ezra Miller Might Not Get Kicked Out of DCU and Suffer the Same Fate as Henry Cavill as Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav is Impressed With The Flash

Ezra Miller Might Not Get Kicked Out of DCU and Suffer the Same Fate as Henry Cavill as Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav is Impressed With The Flash

There is a new captain at the helm of the DCU ship, and he’s intent on throwing some of the crew overboard.

Ever since James Gunn signed on as CEO of the DCU, along with co-chair Peter Safran, there has been a lot of speculation about how the superhero universe is going to look like under the new executives. Gunn promised fans a “younger” Superman – which clearly ousted that fan-favourite Superman, Henry Cavill. This is a change that snowballed into a lot of questioning about other SnyderVerse actors retaining their roles, from Gal Gadot to Jason Momoa.

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The DCU is getting overhauled by James Gunn

Ezra Miller reached global popularity playing the role of the super-fast hero, the Flash, when they portrayed the character wonderfully on-screen. The Flash (2023) trailer was launched recently, featuring Miller as The Flash and Ben Affleck as Batman, among others. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav commented positively on Flash’s character, leading to a new round of speculation on social media.

There have been questions surrounding Ezra Miller’s future with the DCU

Ezra Miller hasn’t had the best of times recently, their new movie notwithstanding. They have been accused of displaying irregular behaviour since almost four years ago, in 2019. Miller’s worrying on-set behaviour continued for several months and then felony charges of burglary being pressed upon the star in August 2022 was a massive shock to fans. The charges claimed the actor had stolen several bottles of alcohol from a house in Vermont in May, to which they pleaded not guilty.

Ezra Miller, The Flash Actor, Allegedly Threatened To Burn A Couple Just After Their Recent Arrest In Hawaii
Ezra Miller faces legal troubles in Vermont

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As of now, Miller is undergoing treatment for “complex health issues”. Their legal troubles compounded with their erratic behaviour on-set, which has been reported by numerous co-workers, made the actor’s future uncertain with the DCU. Sources reported a rumour recently which suggested that Ezra Miller would be replaced by Grant Gustin, who has had some experience playing the role on The CW, as a part of the Arrowverse.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav said that he “loved it [The Flash], it’s a wow.” This might mean a lot of things, and again, might mean nothing at all, but Ezra Miller fans will certainly want to hold on to it for hope that the actor might not be treated the same way Cavill was.

David Zaslav’s comment wasn’t met with much positivity

Zaslav’s comment might have come as encouragement for a few Miller fans, but on the whole, Twitter wasn’t particularly impressed. There was popular opinion that Zaslav was obligated to say that The Flash was good, and was just following the norm in doing so as the CEO of the company.

Fans did not repose much faith in Zaslav, saying James Gunn would fire any actor he wanted to anyway. The comments were made, obviously, after Gunn’s alleged animosity with Henry Cavill caused the Guardians of the Galaxy director to fire him from the role of Superman.

DCU fans are obviously uncertain about the universe’s future with Gunn at the top. While some have faith in the powers that be, others remain vocal about their objections with all the chopping and changing.

Why The Flash Shouldn't Be The Starting Point Of James Gunn's DCU
James Gunn and The Flash

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While a case might be made for Miller in the sense that they might have Zaslav’s backing for the future, it is evident that the DCU fans are not impressed on the whole with the changes made by the Suicide Squad director. It remains to be seen how Miller’s future as the Flash pans out with Gunn and Safran at the top of the DCU empire.

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