The Flash Star Saoirse-Monica Jackson Calls Ezra Miller ‘The perfect casting for the Flash’

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As the DCEU continues to expand upon its arsenal of superheroes, fans of the franchise and the DC comics all gather together to voice their opinions on the cast that will bring their beloved superhero to life. While the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman may be considered a little “controversial” Ezra Miller, the one to portray the fan-favorite speedster The Flash, has been well appreciated by the fans and critics alike for their amazing performance as Barry Allen in Justice League.

Barry Allen
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in Justice League

And now, as the hyperfast resident superhero of Central City gears up for his upcoming movie The Flash, It has yet again been solidified by Miller’s co-star Saoirse-Monica Jackson that Miller is indeed the right person chosen to zip through the DCEU as the Red Streak!

Viewers Will Be Blown Away By Ezra Miller’s Performance!

Saoirse-Monica Jackson has teased DC’s forthcoming movie, The Flash, claiming that audiences will be “blown away” by Ezra Miller’s performance in the titular role. The star has been cast in an undisclosed role in the 2023 superhero film, which follows The Flash as he travels through time to prevent his mother’s murder. Speaking to Vanity Fair about the film, Jackson said: “Honestly, it was so amazing for me to see that level of production and that level of creative freedom and scope”.

Ezra Miller is known for portraying Flash in the DCEU.
Ezra Miller portrays Flash in the DCEU.

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Fans and critics alike were delighted when Miller- who uses they/them pronouns- first appeared in a cameo as Barry Allen in Batman Vs Superman, and later appeared in the starring role in 2017’s Justice League. Critics also say that as The Flash, Miller is quite simply a joy. Their Barry Allen is young and innocent, thrown into a world of superheroes, and still relishes childlike wonder.

What Should We Expect From The Flash?

While Miller may not have had a lot of screen time in Batman Vs Superman as The Flash, the audience more than enjoyed them playing the role of Barry Allen in Justice League. The bundle of fascination that Miller put into their position as the speedster more than made up for the movie’s lackluster reviews. But due to Miller’s recent controversies in these past few years, there were rumors that the film might not see the light of day. But fortunately, Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav maintains his faith in this project. 


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is the flash cancelled
Rumors were going around about The Flash being canceled

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And to substantiate Zaslav’s beliefs, the recent viewing of the film by the test audience was just the push needed to put his mind at ease.


According to a report by World of Reel, Ezra Miller’s The Flash is apparently so good that test audiences have rated the film with the highest test scores any movie has received in the DC Extended Universe history. 

The Flash, in cinemas on 23rd June 2023.

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