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Ezra Miller Was Reportedly So Super Delusional They Wanted To Marry a ‘Native American Spider-Goddess’ That Will Bring the Apocalypse

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With Ezra Miller making headlines daily as of late, one may never know what to expect next from the actor whose upcoming endeavor, The Flash, has been tainted with a controversial tinge. In a special report issued by Vanity Fair, details surrounding the reported “dark spiral” of the nonbinary actor were uncovered and detangled.

Ezra Miller
The latest VF report revealed Ezra Miller’s delusions

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In the past few months, Miller’s name in the media has only been taken in vain. The actor, who was charged with disorderly conduct, was also indicted for felony burglary in Vermont. Furthermore, several reports emphasized and highlighted other allegations, most of which stem from dangerous, violent behavior on their part – with many having to pay the price of such inflictions.

With new twisted revelations making their way onto the surface, the public grows increasingly wary about the state of Miller’s mental health.

Ezra Miller Believes In A Fated Wedding With A Native Spider-Goddess

Ezra Miller FandomWire
Miller at an event

The investigative report traverses the downward spike in the actors’ personal, mental, and public life, having pointed to highlighted elements such as, “grandiose sermons, guns, drugs, and alleged assaults, and grooming.” 

While most may be aware of how Miller was convinced of being the Messiah by a 55-year-old medicine man, Jasper Young Bear, others may not know the information many insider sources have brought to light; about how the 29-year-old frequently experiences various delusions. Often eloquently conveyed through several “long monologues” – some of which the friends of Miller had to “tolerate.” 

Tokata Iron Eyes
Tokata Iron Eyes

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One such bewildering premise mentioned by Ezra Miller involves 18-year-old Native American activist Tokata Iron Eyes. According to one source, the actor lives within a self-woven world where they envision a fated wedding with the young activist. When it comes to Tokata Iron Eyes, her parents, Sara Jumping Eagle and Chase Iron Eyes had requested the court to impose a protective order against Miller.

This was owing to how the two met when the Justice League alum was 23 and the young woman was only 12, as per the court documents. 

Their Union Will Bring About The Apocalypse

Ezra Miller is famous for playing The Flash.
Ezra Miller is famous for playing The Flash

Furthermore, Ezra Miller allegedly believes that the destined union will bring about the complete and utter destruction of the entire Earth. Apparently, that is the “real reason” why people are “opposed to them [Miller and Tokata Iron Eyes] being together.” According to Iron Eyes’ mother, Sara Jumping Eagle, The Perks of Being a Wallflower actor, despite having no Native-American ancestry, neither being a member of the heritage, claimed the following:

“They say they are some kind of messiah, and they’re going to lead an Indigenous revolution.”

An Indigenous source also had the following to comment on Miller’s ignorance and careless disrespect:

“He professes that he walks through this world with an Indigenous humility and spiritual awareness. But, point of fact, he doesn’t at all. Because he doesn’t care.”

Ezra Miller FandomWire
Ezra Miller

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While the VF report details a thorough look-through of various concerning details surrounding Miller’s life, it does point to how the pertinent problem transcends beyond the realm of what WB Discovery initially thought they had to deal with. A few days ago, prior to the report’s publishing, things were seemingly quietening down.

However, with a mountain pile of accusations to account for, it would be interesting to see how The Flash performs at the box office. One would hail its cancelation, but as far as recent reports are concerned, Warner Bros. is assumedly moving forward with the uber-expensive endeavor.

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller in the titular role, is slated for a 23 June 2023 release.

Source: Vanity Fair