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While the World Turns Against Ezra Miller’s Shenanigans, Warner Brothers Still Letting the Flash Star Film New Scenes for the Movie

With the recent controversies that the star of The Flash Ezra Miller found themselves surrounded by, there were some serious doubts pertaining to the release of the star’s upcoming DC film, The Flash. But recent revelations seem to contradict this when the star of the movie was seen shooting several scenes of the film and also an apparent photo shoot in the summer for the film’s promotion.

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Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League (2017).
Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League (2017).

Ezra Miller appearing for filming with a felony charge in-hand

Ezra Miller was most recently charged in Vermont for stealing alcohol from a house, the actor is currently awaiting a trial following which, if found guilty, they can face some jail time. The list has many controversies attached to the actor and yet, they showed up for a photo shoot for their upcoming film The Flash set in the DCEU.

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Ezra Miller smiling for the cameras.
Ezra Miller smiling for the cameras.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor was seen at an “additional photo shoot over the summer” that had gone well according to insiders from WB & DC. The new chief of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav further confirmed that the movie had received a positive response and the initial test screening was also very successful. Therefore, it seems however deep the controversies get, The Flash will not be stopping anytime soon. It will be a difficult matter if the public starts opposing the actor for which the film starts suffering greatly.

The crimes and controversies of Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller also starred as Credence in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.
Ezra Miller also starred as Credence in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

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For the better part of the year, the actor has found themselves surrounded by media, fans, and also the police. Ezra Miller has several charges against them about public disruption, allegedly holding two kids hostage while firearms were lying around the house, a cult following in Iceland, and a legal felony of stealing alcohol.

The list has been developing itself over some time. While shooting for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore in 2020 in Iceland, the lockdown period followed, and the actor created a cult-like group operating from an Airbnb in Iceland. A woman later claimed that the behavior of the people became more erratic by the day.

Ezra Miller also seemed to be choking a fan of them back in the year 2020 but no files were charged. Friends of the actor have stated that the actor “has lost touch with reality” and that they (Ezra Miller) need help for their increasing and erratic behavior.

The Flash is slated for a release date on 23rd June 2023 and it seems they are in no mood to delay the film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter