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TikTok Video of Ezra Miller Asking to ‘Knockout’ Retail Worker Goes Ultra-Viral

TikTok Video of Ezra Miller Asking to Knockout Retail Worker Goes Ultra Viral

Ezra Miller manages to make it to the headlines with new controversies every week. Being a celebrity is already a hard task and imagine messing it up like the Flash actor right before their movie is set to come out. Warner Bros. and DCEU have been facing a lot of troubles lately with two of their actors, who by the way were appearing in upcoming movies – Aquaman 2 and The Flash, have been at the center of controversies for the past few months. So, once a celebrity messes up once, their past mistakes are dug up as well. Something similar happened with Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller threatens a retail worker
Ezra Miller threatens a retail worker

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Controversial Video of Ezra Miller goes Viral

More controversies around the actor come to light
More controversies around the actor come to light

Recently a TikTok video from 2020 of Ezra Miller asking to knockout a retail worker went viral. The retail worker Peter Knight reposted it. In the video, the Justice League actor is seen offering the man a “knockout.” He is heard saying, “It’s an option I present people, always. I can always just knock you out and then you won’t have to panic. Just let me know. No? Yes?” The confused worker is first heard agreeing to the actor, only to retaliate after a few seconds realizing what they really had said.

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Peter captioned the video: “I just wanted a picture dawg,” and explained in the comment section that he had approached the Fantastic Beasts actor to ask for a picture with them, and replying to it the actor asked whether he wanted to be knocked out. The video has over 800,000 views and counting, with some really hilarious comments.

All The Recent Controversies Around Ezra Miller

Ever since the shooting of Flash wrapped up, the actor has managed to stay surrounded by controversies. According to reports, an 18-year-old girl’s parents filed a complaint against them for grooming and manipulating the teenager, who is a resident of North Dakota. They were also arrested in Hawaii for assaulting people at a bar.

DCEU will still release The Flash
DCEU will still release The Flash

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Hours later, they broke into a couple’s bedroom and the two had to get a restraining order against the actor. They even accused them of stealing their belongings. The actor was again arrested for throwing a chair at a woman.

Despite all the controversy, DC will release The Flash on June 23, 2023.

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