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Ezra Miller’s Shenanigans Reach All New Levels of Bizarre, Reportedly Filmed Scenes for The Flash While on the Run from Cops

Despite all the piling hot topics of alleged crimes, The Flash star Ezra Miller apparently did additional shoots for the upcoming DC movie. It’s still unclear when this extra schedule took place, but according to reports, it seems like the actor regularly evaded encounters with legal authorites, without hindering the additional shooting schedule for the movie.

The Flash star reportedly went for film's extra shoots
The Flash star reportedly went for film’s extra shoots

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The actor has been making headlines for a while now. Earlier, sources reported their weird behavior in public and in private but have not yet officially been acknowledged by the studio. Previously, they were also arrested multiple times in Hawaii in early 2022, charged with harassment, grooming, and disorderly conduct, and later charged with housing 3 children and their mother on a farm filled with guns and marijuana. Apart from all these, they’ve still managed to film extra scenes for The Flash.

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The Flash: How Ezra Miller Did Additional Shoots While Avoiding the Law?

The Flash star Ezra Miller
The Flash star Ezra Miller

Reports from THR show that Ezra Miller was called for “regularly planned additional shoots of The Flash over the summer,” which went on even after all these accusations and legal fights. How do they manage to dodge the law? remains unclear. This reflects that Warner Bros. Discovery is still helpful to get behind them and make the additional shoots without any difficulty. But also, this was before the new charge was dropped, and the studio hasn’t made any official statements yet.

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CEO David Zaslav has been pointing out things throughout the case, ever since he declared a shift in policy for future Warner Bros. projects. The struggle with the law continues to expand and the fans are speculating a piece of bad news about Ezra Miller staying asThe Flash. With how it’s only gaining negative attention surrounding the controversy, The Flash might not get to hit the theaters.

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Why Does Warner Bros. Abandon DC Superhero Projects Specifically?

The Flash might get scrapped after Ezra Miller's scandal
The Flash might get scrapped after Ezra Miller’s scandal

Recent months haven’t been a good time for DC fans. The situation got worse when Warner Bros. Discovery shelved the nearly completed Batgirl movie, which was one of the latest changes involving high-budget DC projects. And it’s not the last! WB has been continuously canning more projects as part of its duty to cut costs followed by a very expensive merger. Earlier also Warner Bros. chose to save itself when it’s about an actor’s legal problems. If we look back, during the Fantastic Beasts franchise, the studio turned back on Johnny Depp after negative accusations from Amber Heard entered the news. This whole thing followed up becoming just a ritual regarding facing problems with the franchise, which is now being carried by Ezra Miller.

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Warner Bros. Discovery still hasn’t released an official statement regarding the future of The Flash.