Ezra Miller’s The Flash Sequel Rumors Catch Steam after New Report Claims Iconic Villain Team Headed to James Gunn’s DCU

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Ezra Miller's The Flash Sequel Rumors Catch Steam after New Report Claims Iconic Villain Team Headed to James Gunn's DCU

Ezra Miller’s The Flash failed to work wonders at the box office, making it another significant setback for Warner Bros. within the DCEU. For a variety of factors, The Flash failed to strike a chord with the audience, resulting in lackluster box office numbers.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

Given the underwhelming results, it’s probable that the Scarlet Speedster will be placed in a state of hibernation for the foreseeable future. It’s regrettable, especially considering the compelling nature of Barry Allen as a character within the comic book realm. But there might be some hope for the Flash fans.

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Is The Flash Rogue Gallery Coming To DCU?

According to a post by Redditor MyTimeToShineHello, which corroborates with the r/DCEULeaks moderators who disclosed that a venture focused on The Rogues is actively in development as part of DCU. This project is being characterized as a “crime/heist series.” While we lack any specific details at this juncture, it undeniably carries the earmarks of a production that could capture the interest of James Gunn.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

Considering the Flash is currently caught in an alternate timeline, it’s plausible that the initial concept was to illustrate Central City’s fate in his absence. However, it’s reasonable to speculate that these intentions may have shifted in light of the reaction to The Flash movie.

Within the comic book realm, The Rogues constitute a consortium of antagonists, with established members encompassing characters such as Captain Cold, Abra Kadabra, Mirror Master, Heat Wave, the Golden Glider, the Weather Wizard, the Trickster, the Pied Piper, the Top, and Captain Boomerang.

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Ezra Miller’s DCU Stint To Continue?

Previously, James Gunn shared his perspective regarding Ezra Miller’s future within the DC franchise, and it appeared that the situation remains uncertain. But with unconfirmed reports of Flash’s Rogues coming to the DCU, it seems that Ezra Miller’s run with the studio might not be over after all.

According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, it’s been reported that Walter Hamada, the former head of DC Films, initially laid out a blueprint in which Ezra Miller’s solo venture as the speedy hero would be succeeded by a sequel, and subsequently, a movie inspired by the cherished 1980s DC Comics narrative, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ezra Miller The Flash
A still from The Flash

Nonetheless, everything was cast into uncertainty when Ezra Miller, who plays the leading role in The Flash, found themselves entangled in a series of legal predicaments. Throughout the year 2022, this DC actor amassed a significant list of legal charges, including felony burglary, second-degree assault, and harassment.

As The Flash’s release approached, Warner Bros. maintained a rather reserved stance when it came to addressing Ezra Miller’s legal issues. But with new reports about The Rogues, it seems Ezra Miller might have a future at DCU.

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