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“F—k that, they should pay me”: Stephen King Blasts Elon Musk For Planning to Charge $20/Month to Keep Account Verified, Threatens Exodus Alongside Other Celebs

Elon Musk and Stephen King

Stephen King is an American author best known for his work on supernatural books such as It and The Shining. However, he seems to be on the verge right now with Elon Musk’s outrageous plan for Twitter’s verified users.

Stephen king
Stephen King

Billionaires have a lot on their minds these days because they have enough money to feed a country. After all, who wouldn’t become tired of having all the world’s riches? Elon Musk is one such billionaire who has utilized his position and money to investigate mankind’s interests, primarily on land but also in space! However, he has acquired his rights on Twitter as well.

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Elon Musk plans on charging verified users on Twitter

Twitter’s new Musk Era began last week, with fast layoffs and an increase in slurs indicating substantial changes for the company. It’s been reported that Twitter may soon ask users to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription in order to keep their verified status. Twitter verification displays a small checkmark emblem on eligible accounts, confirming their identification to others, and now just requires the psychic cost of being on the hellsite.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Furthermore, there are plans to raise the price of a Twitter Blue subscription from its current $4.99 monthly fee to a whopping $19.99 per month. That’s the same as a premium Netflix subscription, but with significantly less content.

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The planned modifications to Twitter might allow users who aren’t verified to basically buy the coveted blue tick emblem. Twitter now only offers verified status to notable accounts belonging to a “prominently recognized individual or brand.” If the change is implemented, anyone who meets the other two criteria of being active on Twitter and establishing their identity will most likely be able to obtain verification. This could be effective in combating misinformation and impersonation.

Stephen King slams Elon Musk for verified user subscription

Stephen King is not known for his timidity on social media. The master of horror has previously been involved in several high-profile Twitter squabbles ranging from gun control to Texas’ immunization policy to fellow novelist JK Rowling. However, one of his most recent posts provokes disappointment and outrage.

“$20 a month to keep my blue check? F*ck that, they should pay me. If that gets instituted, I’m gone like Enron.” said the writer on Twitter’s upcoming plan to charge $20/month to account verified.

Stephen King explains why he included underage orgy in IT
Stephen King

The writer further threatens to start an exodus alongside other celebrities to protest this outrageous charge in accounts. The Twitter Blue membership became publicly available over a year ago as a way to access ad-free articles from certain publishers and make additional changes to the app, such as changing the color of the home screen icon. Advertising maintained the great majority of Twitter’s revenue in the few quarters following its first public offering. Musk wants subscriptions to account for half of the company’s total income.

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It’s worth noting if Elon Musk does increase the subscription price. And, if he does how will the other celebrities react to this plan?

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