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10 Incredible Facts About Captain America’s Endgame Suit

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Captain America’s Endgame Suit is probably his best costume till date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On closer inspection, there are several minute but mind-blowing details about the suit we bet you all have missed.

More than 30 Technicians created the Suit

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The Endgame Suit is one of the finest works of the behind the scenes crew of Marvel Studios. It had works from not just form one or two artists and specialists. The suit was made after more than thirty technicians got involved. The Stealth Suit, as revealed by Judianna Makovsky, was one of the toughest costumes to make. Unlike the rest of the Avengers whose suits could be compensated for via CGI, the Endgame Suit was completely hand-crafted and stitched together. It has multiple layers and yet the fabric is light as a feather. It was made to exhume durability as well as flexibility.

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It is Chris Evan’s Favorite Suit

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The suit was made to be extremely comfortable to wear for Evans. The Russo Brothers have said that the most schedule over runs on sets happen because the actors need time to change into their costumes. Chris Evans was given a super soft and light suit so that he could wear it even during breaks between two scenes. He also had a hand in designing certain aspects of the suit. That is why Chris Evans absolutely adores the Endgame Suit. He even petitioned Marvel Studios to make Cap wear this suit throughout the rest of the movies. But Marvel had other plans.

More of a SHIELD Uniform than a Costume

cap final

When the Endgame Suit was designed, it was not made to show off the Red, White, and Blue of Captain America’s costume. It was supposed to be tactical not extravagant. The darker colors used were made to signify that it is more of a Stealth Suit, not an Avengers costume. In the comics, Captain America wears a similar suit. It has no vibrant colors and allows Cap to blend in with the surroundings. The Kevlar Weave Armour protects actually breathes and gives Cap added protection against short range fire-arms and bladed weapons. It was Cap’s only suit that provided some level of protection. That is why he wore it in Endgame.

Takes Heavy Inspiration from Cap’s WWII Suit

cap shield

Steve Rogers was just a scrawny kid with a big heart. He wanted to serve his country. So he volunteered for the Super Soldier Program. In the end, he became America’s greatest asset and weapon against the Nazis. It was in World War Two that Captain America shone the brightest. So Marvel Studios ensures that many aspects of Cap’s WWII suit were taken into account while designing the Endgame suit.

The Wings

cap 6

Namor has it on his feet. Captain America has it on his helmet. The only noticeable difference between the comic book suit of Captain America and the MCU version at first glance is that the latter does not have the wings sprouting out. Earlier suits compensated for the lack of wings by drawing them on the helmet. The final Endgame suit, the last movie Captain America ever jumps to battle in the movies shows that the wings on his helmet are no longer just paintings. They are actual leather wings that were raised a little as a final ode to Cap’s legacy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has a way with subtlety. No we are not crying. YOU are crying!!

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Replaced Magnets with Leather Straps

cap 4

In earlier movies, Captain America had special custom made magnet holders to hold his shield while he is not fighting. By the time Avengers: Endgame arrives, Captain America had changed the way he held his greatest weapon in a fight. There are still magnets attached to Captain America’s suit in the back but the hands have leather straps that allow Steve Rogers to use the Shield in a fight. The Straps provide better grip and provide sort of a retro look for the First Avenger. The Leather Strap holder is also another design from Cap’s original World War Two Costume.

Has Chain-mail

cap 1 1

Captain America’s Original Stealth Suit had Kevlar Weave Armor. It was useful at that time since Captain America was fighting rogue agents and Hydra operatives. A similar suit also featured in Civil War. The Endgame Suit was supposed to take hits from the Mad Titan. So for added protection, the suit supposedly has chain mail armor underneath the layer mesh. Eagle eyed fans claim that the chain mail armor is visible at times when Cap is jumping in the air in the action sequence. According to one theory, the chain-mail armor is made out of pure vibranium.

The Reason His Shield Breaks

cap 7

Captain America’s Shield breaks after Steve Rogers fights Thanos in the Battle for Earth. Thanos swings his sword at the Vibranium Shield multiple times until the Shield breaks apart into a dozen pieces. Why did the unbreakable Vibranium break against Thanos? It was not because Thanos is exceedingly strong. The primary reason is that Captain America’s Shield has gone through inhuman levels of punishment and abuse. It has survived everything from Iron Man’s Repulsor Beams to Thor’s Mjolnir. The way the Shield Breaks is supposed to show the Shield crumbling at the seams from all the damage it had sustained over the years.

Better Footwear

cap 2

Captain America’s suits normally come with light sportswear. The boots are made out of running sneakers with reddish tinges. The tinges were an inspiration drawn from Captain America’s original World War Two Costume. But in Endgame, the Suit has heavier, more secure footwear. The film makers knew that Captain America is going to do some heavy duty battle with one of the greatest super villains of the universe. The boots he wore in Endgame had straps to keep his feet in place and were nailed on the soles for firmer footing. The Boots were also supposed to bear the weight of Mjolnir that Captain America would pick up and fight with against Thanos in Endgame.

Darker Undertones

cap darker

With each consecutive Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, the stakes have increased. By the time Avengers: Endgame comes, it is a do or die situation. You either defeat Thanos, living to tell the tale or get defeated by him and watch him destroy your world. There is no living to fight another day here. To show the seriousness of the situation, Captain America’s Endgame suit has the darkest tones of all his previous costumes. There are no prominent red, white, and blue colors sticking out of the costume. They are there but the colors are faded. The Star Spangled Banner has become old and creaky. The suit shows battle damage and the wear and tear of war. The designers of the suit wanted to show that Captain America is no longer a greenhorn. He is a battle-hardened veteran not fighting for the American Dream but for the entire Human Race.

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