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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 18 Moments That Prove Sam & Bucky Are The Best MCU Characters

Hands-down, one of the best attractions of Falcon and The Winter Soldier is Sam and Bucky. After watching their duo on-screen, every MCU fan wishes for an independent film of Sam and Bucky. Here are 18 moments that prove Sam and Bucky are the best MCU characters.

1. An emotional sendoff 

The moment when Bucky hugs Steve and says goodbye before heading to war. It’s a beautiful and heart-touching scene that captures the relationship between Steve and Bucky.

2. The first meet

Sam’s introduction scene is a comical one. When Sam and Steve are jogging, Steve jerks Sam with this one-liner with each passing lap. The one-liner ‘On your left’ not only sets the friendship between Sam and Steve but also made us emotional in Avengers: Endgame.

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson

3. The ultimate face-off

Another scene that portrays Steve and Bucky’s friendship well is in the fight scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The bond between them is just unbreakable. They give us friendship goals.

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

4. “Can you move your seat up?”

Sam and Bucky become the wingmen for Steve Rogers. Sam and Bucky’s conversation is hilarious in that scene.

Falcon & the Winter Soldier scene | all scene of falcon and the winter soldier till avengers endgame - YouTube

Can You Move Your Seat Up?" - Falcon & Winter Soldier - Captain America: Civil War (2016) - YouTube


5. The crappy monologues

Sam gets pissed off by the shitty monologues of villains. Seriously, who wouldn’t? Another time we got to see that during their fight in Captain America: Civil War, when he asks Spider-Man to stop the talking.

6. The mechanical child, Redwing

I wish Redwing got more screen space in Captain America: Civil War and overall in MCU. The way Sam taunts Natasha is just epic.

7. I hate you

During the showdown with Spiderman, Sam smashes Spiderman through the window using his Falcon powers. Bucky, who got wounded and exhausted, asks, “You couldn’t have done that earlier? To which Sam replies, “I hate you!” is absolutely hilarious.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier


8. Throwback

In Avengers: Endgame, when Sam comes to save the day, he makes Steve taste his own medicine.

Cap, it's Sam. On your left. | Scattered Quotes

9. A baffled look

When Bucky sees Spider-Man for the first time, he gets confused because of Spidey’s suit.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

10. The epic transformation

When Bucky sees his BFF in the post-serum scene, that freaking concern is just priceless.

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11. The ultimate Bromance

This particular scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier proves why we all should find a person who loves us the way Bucky loves Steve.

I'm With You 'Till The End Of The Line | Marvel movies, Avengers quotes, Marvel

12. A funny yet intelligent question

In Captain America: Civil War, Sam asks T’Challa the (wrong) question. The scene’s hilariously awkward. We love how Sam brings up the conversation without hesitation.

13. A new beginning

In Avenger: Endgame, When Steve handovers Captain America’s legacy to Sam, Sam is all gushed up with emotions and feels proud for his friend. The way he shows his respect towards him and his duties touches our hearts. The nod between Bucky and Sam speaks a thousand words.

Sebastian Stan Explains Why It Was The Right Call For Sam Wilson To Take Up Cap's Shield | Editorial | Marvel

14. I’m following him

In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve reminds Bucky, who was behind the mask.

15. A strange first-meet

Bucky meets Sam for the first time by ripping the car’s steering when Sam is driving. Weird right? That’s how great friendships start.

16. A sharp observer

In Captain America: Civil War, when Avengers are arguing regarding Sokovia Accords, Sam takes Steve’s side and isn’t guilty of doing so.

Sam & Bucky

17. Another one!

In Avengers: Endgame, there is another iconic sendoff between Steve and Bucky when Steve leaves to get Infinity Stones.

Sam & Bucky

18. Losing to Ant-Man

Perhaps one of the best scenes where two animal-themed superheroes are head to head with each other. This scene is hilarious and there’s a callback for this scene in Captain America: Civil War. If you read comics, then these misunderstandings and fights between heroes are common.

Sam & Bucky


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